5 Tips For Meeting Your Authentic Self Through Creativity

5 Tips For Meeting Your Authentic Self Through Creativity


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Doesn’t that seem silly that maybe we don’t know who we truly are, and that #Creativity can open a window to our hearts?  As time has marched on, like everyone else I have dealt with a lot of changes; divorce,  moving away , and losing loved ones.  I’ve also experienced beautiful moments that awakened something in me, and made me realize how I’ve been out of touch with myself.  I have found how #Creativity can be a joyful key to finding many answers.

We are such complex creatures, all so unique and different, yet it’s the simple things like a beautiful sunrise, a bright blue sky, or encountering a favorite color that speaks to us in a universal language of joy. In those quiet, brief moments that put a smile on our face or a skip in our step we connect with our true selves.

I have discovered that sitting with some interesting, colorful art supplies, and setting intention that I will have NO PRECONCEIVED IDEA but to just allow play to happen was like taking the hand of my inner child and letting her lead the way.

Getting out of our own way is the most difficult thing, especially if you are trained in art.  That can be the biggest hurdle ever because visualizing the end result just doesn’t want to go away.  But with patience and more willingness to play, to just EXPERIENCE the paint or clay, newspaper and crayons or whatever media is calling you, eventually you will get INTO the mud!  You will be FEELING the experience instead of thinking it.   IN THOSE MOMENTS you will begin to know yourself.  It takes time, but it happens and it’s worth the effort because it’s a sweet adventure back to you!

5 Tips To Allow A Creative You To Happen

  1. Tell your INNER JUDGE to take a HIKE. No judging is permitted in or around the creative process.
  2. Spend 3 days looking for your 3 favorite colors in your world; from nature to your grocery store, the more you keep looking the more they will show up.
  3. Spend 3 days playing with your 3 favorite colors.  Borrow your children’s crayons, handle the yarn or fabric at the fabric store, write on your bathroom mirror, try anything creative with those colors and see how it makes you FEEL.
  4. Sit quietly for 5 minutes, visualize yourself as a child having a happy time playing with toys or in the mud or on a hike. Visualize your smile then. What were you doing? Consider using similar tools for a creative project.
  5. Finger Paint, Finger Paint, Finger Paint!

What steps have you taken to play like your inner child and how did it work for you?  Please share.

Wishing you much joy!


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