Spend A Day With The Person of Your Dreams

Spend A Day With The Person of Your Dreams

Have you ever been asked, ” If you could spend one day with anyone who would it be?”

That has happened to me a few times and of course I would immediately think of loved ones who have crossed over.  But a few weeks ago I thought of that question myself, only this time I stipulated that it must be someone who is currently in this life.   So I pondered.

First I thought of the Dali Lama…but I realized that he is so pure in presenting who he is and what he believes, I don’t think I would discover much more than when I watch him on video.  The next person who came to mind was, Dr. Deepak Chopra.  I’ve always admired him and his knowledge.  But no, that didn’t feel like a necessity to me.  Then I thought, Yes, I would love to spend the day with Oprah.  Why? First of course it’s her spiritual journey she has so graciously shared with us for years.  Secondly, we are both Aquarians so I think we’d ‘get’ each other and I’m sure there is much more to her than what we are permitted to see on television.  But the biggest thing that I admire about her is her decision to surprise people with wonderful gifts, like the amazing, crazy give-aways she had on her show.  Yes, I’m sure most items were donated by the companies who manufactured them but still… she thought of this, and really relished in the giving.  For someone in her position to be so joyful about giving, that is a very expanded way of being, and very unusual.  Indeed I would love to spend a day with Oprah.

Now, some days have passed since then and it hit me.  It hit me that when I was in my 20’s the thing I enjoyed most was taking my paycheck and using part of it to buy a present for someone I cared about…for no reason other than to offer them a surprise.  I love surprises and I found such joy in being able to do that. When I got married some years later my (ex) husband said one day when I arrived home with another gift for him, “Why are you buying me presents? I haven’t bought anything for you and it’s not my birthday.”   I explained to him why I enjoyed doing this so.  I could see he just didn’t get it.  At Christmas he was all about gifting but this illogical ‘surprise’ thing had no meaning for him .   I stopped the buying shortly after that.  While reflecting on this I thought what would it be like to be Santa Claus.  That would be the ultimate fun, the most outrageous of gift givers.  Being Santa Claus, year round…what a wonderful life that would be. Yes, I thought, I would love to be Santa Claus.

So, if I were spending a ‘wish day’ with anyone … and it could include REAL mythic persons I would apologize to Oprah and spend the day with Santa.  No, better yet, I would take her along too.  Only I would make sure it was a surprise!

If you could spend a day with someone in this life, who would it be and why?  I would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe you need to hear them too.

Blessings & Magic,


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