Five Ways To Make Mercury Retrograde Your BFF

Five Ways To Make Mercury Retrograde Your BFF



IT’S MERCURY RETROGRADE TIME from March 22  to  April 15, 2018.  As always it happens two more times this year;  July 25 to August 18, 2018,  and November 16 to December 06, 2018.

MERCURY is the planet of communication and technology as well.  Things of technology often break down, need replaced or repaired at these times (note the “re” in these words).  Communications get wobbly then too and as for signing agreements, contracts and making big purchases, that’s a huge no-no.  Why? Because as this planet of communications is affecting our planet in an energetic backward motion, we only discover hidden or miscomprehended details around those contracts after Mercury goes direct.  This is not a good thing.

Having experienced these nasty inconveniences has put many of us in a place of angst at Mercury’s impending retrograde arrival.

So just where is the silver lining in all of this?

FIRST I must begin by saying I am not a professional  Astrologer.  While I did begin the study back in the late 70’s I found it then too taxing for my non-linear, mathematically befuddled brain.  Today of course there is software to help with that but even today Astrology takes years of dedication to become a true professional.

That being said, I am however a seasoned Energy Adventurer.  Since my vision of energy fields as a little kid I have come to take the unseen energy of all things as a matter of fact and it is how I view the world.  When I was 19 I went to The Sign of Aquarius, Pittsburgh’s only astrology bookshop to meet Harriett Friedlander, the very scientific, seasoned astrologer to have my first chart done.  Harriett and her husband Len became like second parents to me.  In fact they called me ‘daughter’ from very early on.  Harriett, who was President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Astrological Association and a very busy woman with a 6 month waiting list for chart calculation and interpretation, did not like me dating anyone unless she looked at their chart. She tried to protect me as often as she could.   It was Harriett who told me about Mercury Retrograde.

I knew what Harriet said would be truth. But this Mercury thing didn’t sit well with me, so I spent the next two years doing a personal research project by going into every Mercury Retrograde cycle taking notes with great doubt and curiosity.  The events of that two year trial period made me a firm believer. Even with Mercury Retrograde at the time of my birth I find I am still affected by it.

These days Mercury Retrograde is a common knowledge item, but still widely misunderstood.  Even though I knew about it for many years it took me a long time to truly come to know this aspect and learn to make it my friend instead of my foe.  Perhaps my experience can help you.

Remember when I said I am an Energy Explorer?  Well, It’s true, as Albert Einstein said,”Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.”  We do manifest more from our strongest energy vibrations.   If we ‘ask the Source’ to help us win the lottery because we need it,  (which by the way is coming from a place of  lack, so we are vibrating in lack energy), and we then get a bill in the mail for some huge amount we didn’t expect,  our energy instantly moves to a place of ‘I don’t have that kind of money!”   Which energy of these two moments is the strongest?  Asking to win the lottery energy or the “‘I don’t have that kind of money” energy?  Bingo!  We get more of what we vibrate out. The Universe gets that message strong and clear,  and we end up staying in the place of not having.  The lottery option is gone.  The universe doesn’t use our verbal language, it is all energy.  That is how it lives, breathes, expands, and communicates!  ENERGY.  Here is the A-Ha; Retrograde is a lesson of the universe for cause and effect using energy.  The Divine moves us forward through lessons.

So #1.  Look at your expectations around Mercury Retrograde.  Are you adding to your situations?

Expectations are usually loaded with emotions.  Emotions = Energy.  Bingo again.   What are you expecting to happen?  Do you  feel fear, apprehension or some other heavy emotion? That = communication the Source totally understands.   “Your Wish Is My Command”.    “Ask And You Shall Receive”   Very simple but not in our language… in the language of the universe; ENERGY.  This is how it works.

#2.  Retrograde is about going backwards.  

While Mercury isn’t actually traveling backwards, that little but mighty planet of communications and electronics passes us by several times a year.  When it pulls up along side us we get that weird, disoriented feeling like when a car pulls up beside us and we feel like we are moving backwards, but it’s not us moving it’s them.   Creepy, right?   Well, that’s the energetic action of Mercury Retrograde.

Retro is to relive.  In fact just take the RE part and apply that to this time period;  REvisit, RElive, REvise, REnew, REvitalize, REwrite…etc.

#3. Revise your mindset about Mercury Retrograde, THEN USE IT AS A BONUS!

When I actually feared this aspect it was much worse.  I had my car, computer and washing machine all go at once.  My energy supported the communication and technology breakdowns, and I did that for years.

About ten years later I recall telling my boss, Larry about Mercury retro.  He was absolutely a non-believer.  A year later he called me and asked if Mercury was Retrograde.  When I said Yes, he said, “I knew it! I knew it!”, and gave me his list of technology and communication mishaps.

When I looked deeper at the RE – meaning and the patterns there I began to see the benefits.  I pulled old unfinished projects out of their hiding places and found I had revised them and finished them off with ease.  I moved on to other RE kind of items.  Suddenly I saw the beauty in this aspect. For me it was unearthing the retrograde’s truer purpose.  I felt a sense of relief.  I’d struck the veins of silver and gold.

#4. Befriend the silver lining

Now, my energy has shifted from angst to understanding.  If something goes haywire during Mercury Retrograde it is minimal and I understand that it is something that needs my attention. When it’s fixed or replaced I’m further ahead.

When Mercury Retrograde is heading my way I almost look forward to it!  In fact, I embrace it as I now understand that it’s a time to go back over things I procrastinated on and actually get them finished, or revisit situations that were left unresolved and make another effort to take a different approach, usually with excellent results.  It’s even a great time to clean and clear the house.  This is how Mercury Retrograde has become my friend.

I have a friend who started a ‘Mercury Retrograde Fund”, more commonly known as a Rainy Day Fund that is there for unexpected expenses anytime. which she would never have done if it weren’t for her Mercury Retrograde experiences.

Consider how you can shift your perceptions and use Mercury Retrograde to your advantage. 

#5.   Be Cautious with written communications

Personal and business communications are another story.  Miscommunications in text and emails can happen so easily anyway.

Being extra cautious with communications during this time can be a lifesaver.  Quick, cryptic statements can often be unclear or misunderstood and in a business situation that can be very problematic.   We can’t double check messages being sent to us but we can verify the contents of an important message with the sender, or stop ourselves from being upset by the ‘tone’ of a message.  Assuming emotion or intent behind a message can be incorrect, misleading and lead us down the wrong path.

Mercury retrograde taught me to be extra cautious before I ever hit that send button. It was a good lesson.  I usually re-read what I’ve written before I send it but during Retro periods I often re-read and adjust it several times.   I will admit my re-checking doesn’t usually apply to messages spoken into my phone when auto correct has taken over.  We all know how funny or frustrating that result often is. Still I hesitate to turn Auto-Correct off.  Maybe now is the time to RE-think that.

Have you had A-Ha moments or experiences related to Mercury Retrograde?  I would love to hear about them.  Just include them in my ‘Contact” email page.

Peace, Love, Joy,



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    love this ! glad I did not enter in that big contract – it would have land smack in the middle of this