It’s All About Love

It’s All About Love

Happy Valentines Day – It’s All About Love

FOR more than 40 years I have been using my gifts of Clairvoyant Mentoring and Mediumship to support those who come to me for reading-sessions with guidance from our higher loving source.

In many instances my clients arrive at crucial moments because they have either – already chosen a journey of personal expansion toward that something higher they desire or – they have had a recent life altering incident, which set them off seeking deeper answers or healing. In both instances the outcome desired and often found is a sense of peace. That is what I hear most often, that guidance brings peace. At times I have the privilege of witnessing a spiritual awakening on some level.

For all of us the needs and desires we seek come down to the heart.

The heart needs love to survive and love needs to be nurtured within us. As humans we consistently look outside of ourselves for that nurturing and become disillusioned when it looks promising but falls short, or never shows up at all. We can become anxious, fearful, and often stay stuck in a ‘safe space’ that is a continual loop of life experiences that just have a different look but lead us right back to where we were before. I too know this scenario pretty well.

So what do we do? We build walls around ourselves to protect from wounds we don’t deserve, or from more hurt or disillusionment. For most those walls are a very real but invisible energy. For others those walls can be physical and symbolic. Just consider the world stage and the current discussion of walls. Everything comes back to fear and lack of a love need we can’t quite put our finger on. Building walls create blocks that don’t resolve the deeper issues. We look outside ourselves with rarely the thought to go within to heal. Our thoughts are things and we are the master of them, so why do we not make that choice? There comes a moment when we must be brave, look at our wounds and make a plan for healing.

What can we do about this never ending search and need for healing and love?

It all comes down to this… We cannot find that kind of love until we can truly love ourselves.

I don’t mean to be egotistical about ourselves that is not love, but to accept the fact that we are by nature a flawed human. But we are also a beautiful, flawless soul being that desires to be fully expanded within our human experience.

How can we achieve this? Consider this:

What if, we realized that anyone who has ever judged us is also a flawed human, no better or worse than us (though some folks can make super bad choices that devastate others). Our flaws are how we learn. When we can become okay with the fact that we are human, trying to learn as we go and cannot possibly be perfect, our capacity for self – love shifts in understanding that we are more than OK. And in fact, if others cannot accept us as who we are we simply offer them blessings and send them on their way. They are not for us, and that’s okay too. If we can step into this space, we can transform!

When we can accept our errors and move on, we can begin to accept the error of others… as flawed humans. This is when the heart within us begins to blossom again. This is when the heart can begin to lead us to become the best of our potential. This is taking our power back too. It is an awakening that expands outward into every area of our lives. We no longer allow others to disrespect us, we no longer associate with those who are filled with hate, or vengeful energies. We no longer hold pointless grudges or point blame at other people or groups. We are enlightened that history cannot be changed by rethinking and reliving it, though it can be repeated if we persist.

By accepting our flawed but beautiful selves our cocoon begins to open, and the wings of who we were born to be can emerge. When we love ourselves enough to be okay with who we are, with determination to move forward with this new self-embrace it becomes life altering in an incredibly powerful way. This is when love truly expands in our lives and a greater peace leads the way.

Today for Valentines Day ~ I wish for you ~ self-acceptance, self-love, a release of the past, and the joy of a truly expanded heart.

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