Winter Grounding & The Joy Of Mandala Painting

Winter Grounding & The Joy Of Mandala Painting

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.”

Lily Pulitzer

AND it’s almost spring!  Personally, I can’t wait for my Crabapple trees to blossom.  This photo reminds me of that week when they are in full bloom. I’m psyched now.  Is there something about spring that fires you up?

Well we have a little bit of winter to get through yet and I’m popping in to give you some ideas to pass the time.  This New Moon is in Pisces along with the Sun.  So we will be going deep and feeling deeply.  Plus, Mercury’s lovely retrograde period is in full swing.   I’ve mentioned before how I used to anticipate this time with angst.  And honestly I believe because I did expect it to be a huge problem I got the worst of it; the communication mix-ups, the technology and equipment glitches, etc.  Years later when I came to realize there is a purpose to this event, which is to take time out to RE things.  You know Re-view, Re-visit, Re-vise, then everything shifted for me.  Now I ALMOST look forward to it as a time to give myself permission to take a step back and pull out all of those old unfinished projects, take a look at things that didn’t work before that I haven’t given up on and most importantly…. take time to RENEW myself!    See the universe is smart.  It knows we don’t do a very good job of self-care, or of stopping to take a breather so it gave that mission to Mercury! Totally brilliant.  Oh, it’s also a great time to clean out the closets, redo storage areas, back up your computer data and maybe go back and mend a broken relationship that needs to be healed.  That always feels especially important.

A great way to care for yourself and get through this period prior to spring is to take time daily to ground yourself.   What are the best ways to do this?  There are several.

* One is to place your bare feet flat on the ground and visualize roots from your feet deep into the earth. Breathe deeply, relax and feel yourself rooted and grounded to mother earth who supports us.  

*Daily meditation with intentional grounding of  mind-body-spirit.

*Grounding using your crystals and stones.  Some day I will share a story about my grounding experience but for now, I will say that using a dense stone such as Basalt, Smoky Quartz, or  as a supplemental stone – use your Rock Salt Lamp and place them UNDER your bed.  Just below the area of the Sacrum and Root Chakra zone.  AND LEAVE THEM THERE for a few weeks.  *note; If you wake up and your knees hurt or feel stiff and this is totally new to you, you’ve grounded enough and should remove the stones from your bed area. 

SPEAKING OF SELF CARE – How about having some FUN for a change?
I’m inviting you to the studio in Cheswick, Pa for a Mandala Painting Weekend Workshop – ART OF THE SOUL – LET’S PAINT A MANDALA

Trust me about this… this will unwind and relax you to the max.  It will guide you to release and let-go of stress and responsibilities for while.  It’s time to do something playful and inspiring for a change.

But you don’t paint?  No need to worry about skill even for one moment.  Support, guidance and joy will inspire your flow. We will play with paint and canvas, listen to music, set some intentions, maybe dance a little, and laugh alot.   In the end you will be unwound, learn about the Mandala’s purpose inyour life and bonus, you will have a lovely piece of artwork for home.  You know that wall needs some new art?  Why buy when you can create something meaningful yourself?

I have enjoyed a wonderful Mandala painting connection with Paul Heussenstamm of since back in 2009.   Paul’s many outstanding images are in films, books and art collections around the world.  I am honored to guide you and spread the heart opening value of creating Mandalas that Paul  shared with me and continues to share around the globe.   You can read more about him on his website and see a great volume of Mandala art there;   Perhaps after this first Mandala class we can convince him to schedule a workshop here in Pittsburgh.

I sure hope you will join me  ~  Saturday and Sunday – March 30th & 31st.  A perfect weekend!
Here is a link to sign up;  or email me for more information.


EXCITEMENT – in April I will have a big announcement of a new offering ONLINE.  Can’t wait to tell you as soon as it’s ready to roll, so do keep in touch.

P.S..  If you are ready for some extra special Reiki sessions with Crystals combined with a psychic assessment and intention setting, I’m ready for you.  I have been an Usui Reiki Master Teacher for many years.  I have worked with crystals and stones for as long as I can remember.  Combining all of these pathways brings the energies of nature and the Divine together for intention and wellness manifesting in a whole new powerhouse kind of way.
I now offer ‘ Guided Crystal-Reiki’ at both the studio in Cheswick and at Above All Grand Salon and Spa in Wexford, PA.   Just use this Contact link on my website to schedule with me.


Wishing You Love, Love, Love & Joy,

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