Are We In A Collective ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’?

Are We In A Collective ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’?

Somewhere between the late June Solar Eclipse, the full moon, Mercury going retrograde and the July Lunar Eclipse it seems the world went wild! Boom!

Unexpected situations of great urgency, great revelations that involved upheaval and drama, maybe even trauma showed up and pulled us into it’s vortex.  While these may have mellowed a bit the residual is still being dealt with.

If this kind of situation applied (s) to you, and my astrological information is correct, there should be some resolution around these events by the end of September and hopefully a shift into a new chapter by the end of October. You have my sincerest sympathy.

For me it was a combination of events that tossed members of my family and myself into a pit of non-stop ‘fight-or-flight’ syndrome that didn’t let up over the entire 2 month period. I wondered if my good health would hold up, it was that taxing and overwhelming. Some nights I didn’t have the energy left to breathe, let alone write even a one word response to a text message. That’s not exaggeration, that night actually happened. And there was more than one of those.

In addition to my own family related crisis I was getting emergency messages and calls from clients left and right, who were going through the same level of experiences, drama, pain, loss, fear, grief, and anguish. The extraordinary intensity was bringing people to their knees.

How could I continue my days and hold space for others? How could I be a ‘watch-guard’ for family members on a precipice and provide the best of myself to all of the people and places I was invested in?

I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, though I knew there was one ahead. That doesn’t help when you literally cannot calm enough to gain clarity or catch your breath.  My only thought became, “When is this going to let up?”

Now, if you did not have similar experiences, you got lucky!  Still, I’m pretty sure you were witness to people who did. 

Recognizing these events in the lives of so many people I suddenly had a flash of the concept ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’. Our guides usually use those ‘sudden flash’ moments to give us input. I was on a roll.

Now in case you are not familiar with this term ‘ Dark Night of the Soul’,it’s like this;

It is a hugely difficult, challenging, period that extends into the zone of hyper normal or the depths of emotional, psychological and spiritual darkness. This often leads to a spiritual crisis and is hopefully followed by enlightenment.

This term comes from a poem written by the 16th-century Spanish Mystic and poet, St. John of the Cross, which narrates the journey of the soul to a mystical union with God.”

While these periods are rare (thank heavens), they usually are so overwhelming that they push us like a wave to a place where we begin to see or are forced to see there are choices to be made, and events ultimately cause us to review our own belief systems. It usually requires some level of change within us for order to be restored. The change may need to be drastic.  Often we have been taken to the brink before that resolution occurs. Since I saw myself pulled into someone else’s Dark Night, on a milder level it became my own.

Then I wondered, what if there are various levels and types of Dark Nights of the Soul. If a fearful or dark situation takes you to the brink of personal emotion and is linked to your spiritual progress, well couldn’t it indicate that different levels of intensity equal the depth of spiritual life lesson. Sort of like taking an organic or pharmaceutical to cure an ailment; one tsp for this level of ailment, two tsp. for something more serious.

Then it hit me! I saw a vision of the ‘collective’ with all of these people choosing ,on a subconscious level, to have a Dark Night experience at this time. In other words, timing… a large group of earthly souls saying they desire to choose to begin awakening to a larger degree. (Awakening, as in choosing to know themselves as a soul on a journey and desiring assistance with said ‘awakening’.)

What would trigger such an event? Movement of the planets of course! An astrological trigger. An aspect so strong that those in it’s path (see your chart or your astrologer), would be predestined to participate at this time. A big A-ha moment for me.

Is this a message that a large number of The Collective is rising up together, is ready to awaken to our truest self, to know our own Divinity and stop trying to live a life based on the guilt trip pervasive in our culture?

This intuited awareness was huge for me. No longer did I wonder how we could ever know the balance of those choosing the Divine awakening path vs. those who are hell bent on destroying life on planet earth except for their own aggrandizement and wealth. NOW, here with this time, this event, I saw a huge number of earth souls choosing the path of light! Though you may be unaware of it the choice was already made – likely, by you!

As it has been spoken of in books and prophecy, the collective or Conscience Collective must rise up unified for the highest good of all in order for peace and harmony to be restored, in order for us to awaken from the dream of self-doubt and separation.

What does this mean? It may mean that we are beginning to see ourselves as the ‘oneness’ we need to acknowledge in order to ‘awaken’ to our soul journey here and beyond the here. Personal awakening leads to a very different understanding of humanity and one’s choices will be reflected in that ‘knowing’. This awareness leads to protecting all, all humanity, all of the planet and every kingdom within it. There can be no other way or we remain asleep.

The political, humanitarian, and earth crises may be pushing this awakening full throttle.

Time and events both seem to be flowing at a crazy pace, wouldn’t you agree?  Meanwhile, we are souls having a human experience but we keep forgetting that.  ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ wants to help us remember. Wherever you are, in this loop of personal evolution, ~ as long as you live you have a purpose here.  Asking to be guided to that path will help you move through these life phases with grace. 

Know this…YOU are filled with more beauty and potential than you have ever imagined.  Tapping into this awareness is a choice.

Perhaps now is your time to live fully by remembering who you truly are!

If you could use some support and guidance with your situation, Dark Night or bright day,  I do personal sessions to help you move through the quagmire to rediscover your magic! Contact me.

Because you may still be dealing with the last phase of a Dark Night, I’ve added a BONUS you may find helpful. It’s a PDF. that includes tips and exercises you can use now for clarity, and any time life’s struggles have a hold on you.

Go here to download the PDF.



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