Just sharing this month’s newsletter.  Sending you MUCH LOVE! between world theme essay examples see url art essay topic ideas follow whats viagra look like sample essays for ielts writing task 2 pomegranate juice research paper best admission essay writing services go projekt pink viagra Free Viagra at No Cost go to site effects post propecia side essay titles for poverty buy azithromycin online mastercard best school essay writer websites uk see url 25 mg of synthroid assignment writting profiles in courage essay winners 2013 celebrex upset stomach article 68 sildenafil purchase enter site america definition essay on friendship cialis qual dosagem tomar HAPPY LOVE MONTH DEAR ONES!

There’s a little goodie tucked in here for you.   Let’s celebrate!
It’s LOVE MONTH  and my birthday month too.

My FAVORITE THING in the whole wide world is surprising people with presents. Is this your favorite thing too?
I LOVE to watch the joy on their face when they receive a gift just totally out of the blue. To me that’s the best thing ever.   One of my daughters used to love telling me what she bought me before Christmas. I had to redirect her from doing that.  It took awhile but she got it. I can’t take a spoiler alert.

Before I open the box for you and share your goodie, I want to let you in on some newsy things going on with Creative Soul Adventures;   I’ll make it short so here’s a bullet list:

1. I am offering;
Reiki One Certification Training – Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 29 – Mar.1
IF you are interested in signing up for the training please email me at; for details.

2. I am offering;
Reiki Master Certification and also Reiki Two Certification in April. 
If you are interested please email me for details.

3. I will also be offering Crystal Reiki Master Certification in April and May.
If you are interested please email me for details.

4. This is exciting!  I’m now offering my Crystal Reiki treatments at Above All Salon and Spa.
In addition to this treatment series there is a wonderful add on of services that includes a 30 minute Infa Red Sauna for detox.  The Infa Red at Above All is the only 3 Infa Red Lamp Sauna in W. PA.  And let me tell you, it’s amazing.    HOWEVER,  YOU MUST BOOK THE CRYSTAL REIKI SESSIONS with or without the Sauna DIRECTLY THROUGH ME.  I am not offering it at the spa in general.  This is only for my client base.   SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BOOKING… Please email me for details.  The Spa is in Wexford and it is magnificent.

5. OF COURSE My Phone/Distance Readings are always available for you in both full and half hour sessions.   And my local In-Person sessions are available as well.  Just email me or use the contact page on my website.  Let’s get that Valentine Reading scheduled. XOXOXO   or

I’ve been feverishly developing online courses to begin sharing all that my guides have taught me these many years. (Ouch birthday ).  My intention was to be ready to launch this month but now I am totally changing up the format so it’s more fun and easier to access content via cellphone or whatever.   That takes me past Mercury Retrograde period of mid to late March for launch.    SINCE I CAN”T SHARE THE WHOLE ENCHILADA WITH YOU YET I DECIDED TO SHARE A LITTLE GOODIE.  Here it is:

Follow the link below for a Guided Meditation for your Root Chakra.

DID YOU KNOW… that in order to receive Intuitive Downloads it’s necessary to be grounded?
Well, you may get some but the content will be fleeting and not clear, because it has no where to anchor itself in your energy field.   This is why being grounded is so important, especially if you are consciously working on your personal/spiritual evolution. (Consciousness Evolution).

So, I don’t want you to wait for this content – it’s part of the first coursework.   But since we are buddies I thought it would be a nice surprise to send your way.   It’s a gift of LOVE from Me to You.


P.S.  It could be a more perfect audio, but I”m new at all this formatting stuff so I hope you’ll just focus on the content because that’s the whole idea.


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