HELLO MY LOVELY FRIEND! ‘Tis Autumn already, can you believe it?

I trust you are doing the very, very best you can to manage these undulating times. We are all trying our best, right? Well just so you know, I am a friend you can count on and even out of sight I count you into my invisible circle of support and light. The next time you feel in a quandry just conjure up that image and feel the circle of support, knowing you are not alone!

WELCOME to the New Moon Monthly Newsletter ~ And I am late as it’s a bit past mid-October already. If you are new here, I am Linda Varos, Clairvoyant-Medium, Artist, Naturalist, and Energy Medicine Master Teacher for many years. I’ve always worn many hats, life is such an adventure and it keeps me spinning sometimes. This month I have some very cool and helpful things to share, so hang onto your pointy hat and stripey stockings… here we go!

OCTOBER brings us back to the time when all of our tribal and earth magic ancestral communities knew that the veil between this world and “the other’ is thinning. Communications are more easily manifested with those who have crossed, and the time is ripe to take advantage of this aspect by honoring, giving thanks, asking for support and information, sending love, creating a family altar, sageing the house and yes, Ancestral Healing. More about that in a minute…
FIRST about that thinning veil thing;


It’s a special window in time for you to connect with your Guides, maybe for the first time. It’s a good window to see where your focus should be over these next 3 months, maybe it’s NOT what you think! Of course it’s a time to connect with Loved Ones who’ve crossed, or just to get a heads up on what is about to come your way during this crazy astrological time in history. If you care to open that window and take a peek, here is Your Special TREAT for the Thinning of the Veil (I cannot guarantee there will be no tricks, as Spirit has a sense of humor!)

Here is when and how:

BEHIND THE VEIL Mini- Festival

Half Hour Sessions via Zoom or Phone (you choose)

Special Rate – (usually $65), is $50 for a Half Hour

DATES  – SAMHAIN – FULL MOON –                                                             


ALL SAINTS DAY –Sunday, NOV. 1st.

ALL SOULS DAY – Monday, Nov. 2nd.

SCHEDULE HERE: (Apologies as the Back Office in my website isn’t working properly, so I’m adding a scheduling link here for the calendar.) This  delayed this months eNews.


OR you may email HERE if you have an issue scheduling;  


At this point in time we may be aware that there must be some dirty business in our ancestral lines and that those unpleasant events, curses, wounds, attacks, rivalries, etc. leave energetic imprints in our DNA. We can see this in repetitive experiences within a family tree. Alcoholism, in- fighting, suicides, miscarriages, bad luck in business, romance, illness, addictions and so on.
Doing Ancestral Healing work is worth the time and investment in clearing away this energetic debris. Not only can your own life improve tremendously, if done with serious intent and care, it can also heal the lines all the way back in time and clear the lines for all family members in the future.

~ YOU could be the healer for your entire ancestral lines.~ Talk about good Karma!

We may not know what the debris is that remains in our DNA, but we are surely aware of the fallout in some part of our lives. We all have at least 4 family lines that are strong within us. The history that goes back beyond what we’ve been told holds the mysteries.

I myself know of some pretty strong willed women in two of my direct lines; My cousin, The Pirate Queen, Grace O’Malley’ who is not too far back the line even has a film and books written about her. I can imagine THAT Karma. Then, thanks to 23andMe, I now know I am descendent of a woman I often quoted in gist. Not a big fan of hers, though I understand she did a lot of good in her life too, “Let them eat cake”, Marie Antoinette. We know what happened to her. Yikes. There was a lot of ancestral work to do just around those two ferocious ladies. Then the Scottish tribal king of the McFarlanes clan, a very warring group. Add in a Native American line and the double Swiss ancestry on my mother’s side…where do I begin?

I wonder who is in your Ancestral line? Wouldn’t it be fun to share these stories?
I bet you know of some things that could use a healing.
Here is a pointer to start you off; You can begin with taking a walk and connecting in your mind by calling in all of your ancestors. Tell them you are walking on the same earth, taking the same steps that they took. Ask them to tell you what needs healed, listen, wait, and follow up with a ceremony of your own to clear those events through all time and space.
If you would like to work with a pro, I highly recommend, Mara Benner.
I am pleased to be collaborating with Mara, a dear friend and colleague, with a special invitation to you, my magical community. Mara is located in Alexandria, Virginia and offers Distance Ancestral Healing work. Trained in Shamanism and Ancestral Healing, Mara is a practitioner with the George Washington Center for Integrative Medicine and trained in a variety of mind, body, spirit techniques.


Ancestral Healings:  Special Invitation Exclusively Here!

As we get ready for the Halloween season, it is a wonderful reminder of what many believe is an auspicious time to connect with our loved ones and our ancestors!  Knowing that everything is frequency similar to crystal bowl vibrations, there is an opportunity to connect, engage, gain insights and to even heal. This Exclusive Offer is an opportunity for you to personally connect with your loved ones, and to work to help heal family traumas and issues.”                    

Here is Mara’s Exclusive Offer – Just For Us!

Three-Part Individualized Sessions ~ oo

Mara will:

1) Walk with you while connecting to your loved ones and ancestors

2) Assist you in connecting to their messages, insight and support.

3) Guide you on a path to clear ancestral histories, and establish new energies for your family lines!

The three sessions are usually a price of $465 but are offered here at
a Special Rate of $310.

 Sign up today and begin your personalized journey back to your family tree.  

If you have any questions, you may also contact Mara at:

 mara@fourdirectionswellness.com or call: 703-776-0102.



OUR HAPPY TRIBE IS GROWING ~ And I want you to know how special I believe you are!

Anytime you show up to work on yourself in any fashion, I see your light shining brighter. AND YOU INSPIRE ME!

May you have a fun and fruitful Samhain, and Full Moon in Taurus Weekend!

See you next month.

Hugs, Love & Pumpkin Pie!


P.S. I am happily working with a most exquisite new Frequency Tool called, ‘The Healy’. It addresses physical, emotional, energetic, and intuitive pathways of the body to reset the vibrational frequencies for optimal health.

It is accepted by the FDA as a Class 2 Medical Device – primarily for Pain Relief, but ohhhh, it is so much more than anything ever yet developed. I will tell you it is in another universe! I would be happy to give you a free mini treatment if you would like to try it out. It IS the future. Please send me an email for more instructions and to schedule;  HERE and in the subject line say  Free Healy Session. 


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