The Potency of 11:11

The Potency of 11:11

HERE WE ARE AT 11:11/2020

Who would have thought that on this date we would be dealing with a global pandemic that has ripped the rug of stability and grounding out from under us and brought so much of humanity into a streetfight mentality?

Yet, here we are.  If you are as exhausted and burned out by this as I am then you too may be seeking a broader, more rapid solution. I feel that today’s rare date is an opportunity…

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The Universe has it’s own magical association with numbers, from all things in the Universe evolving within the framework of the Golden Ratio, the vibrational frequency numbers that heal us and keep our cells and organs producing life, the healing sound frequencies of the solfeggio musical tones, to the hidden mystical numbers used in the pyramids, temples and government buildings throughout time.  It seems that humanity has always understood the power held within numbers.

The number ONE represents the beginning when all things were unified.  Therefore it represents the ONE and also Unity, before there was division.  It also represents ‘US’, the self. (Isn’t it striking that these are the same abbreviation letters for America?)

With number 11 we get the two sides of the coin;  the one and the other – side of ourselves, the mirror image, also the inner and outer self.

With 11:11 we get the biblical term, “As above, so below”.   Heaven vs Humanity – not heaven vs. hell.  Humanity is the polar opposite reflection of Heaven.  It is part of us and we part of it.

When you keep seeing 11:11 on a clock over and over it is a symbol of Divine Timing.  It says YOU ARE IN SYNC RIGHT NOW to bring the two parts of you into alignment.  To tap into your higher being and see your reflection as part of the Divine.  To love yourself as you are being unconditionally loved by the Source of Creation, by whatever name you give it.

When people blame God or the Universe for some bad event or horrible experience they are not yet grasping that creation does not make these events. We are on the reflection side of the mirror and our beliefs, our participation with others, and our intentions as souls entering this realm set the wheel here in motion.  There is no ‘one’ to blame.

So what opportunity can 11:11 – 2020  provide us with?   I believe it’s deep potency is being a Door Opener, to shift the polarity within the human psyche and within the human family.  IT IS A WINDOW IN TIME.  You can use this period of opportunity or let it pass without grabbing the brass ring.  But the rest of us really need you to grasp it and hold tight.  Because the shift to unity begins within each of us.  In this moment you are the #1 and we are the ‘other’. Together we are 11, and unifying with Creator/ Creation is symbolized by 11:11.  Creation is waiting and supporting us, but some times are much more potent than others.  It’s a numbers thing, though I still don’t understand fully how or why, it’s potency is historically proven and clear.  It’s time to bring it all together. 

I know it means ‘looking at your stuff’, again.  But this time it can look different.  Actually you NEED to see your stuff, differently so you can let it be released.   Your history and your past and all of the events that have created the you that talks in your head and sends you out into the world in anger or fear, those thoughts and beliefs are now asking to be reviewed with new  perceptions, so they can finally be let go, from your mind, your body and your soul.   This begins with self-love, self-acceptance.

When we learn to love ourself unconditionally (warts, mistakes and all), only then can we stop judging others and see them as souls having their own struggles too.  If gaining a different perspective seems out of reach just ask to be shown a new way and WAIT – Trust and Wait.

In the ancient spiritual book of Kabbalah the number 11 signifies  the “awake number”, that signals you are following your spiritual path to awakening.  In the temple there are 10 sweet spices burned for incense and the 11th one is foul smelling. It is said that the merger of this one with the other 10 is what creates the sweetest smelling of incenses.   Can #11 be your stuff, and 11:11 is support from on high to heal your own pain by making this shift?  You really can access your own inner light!  What a glorious moment that can be.

The merger of 11:11 is the merger of ‘As Above, So Below’.  The door to awakening has opened today.  It’s time to grab your brass ring.   Rediscovering our joy is just around the corner. 

Sending you LOVE and SUPPORT and LIGHT,


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