Crazy Dreams.Inner Power

Crazy Dreams.Inner Power

CRAZY DREAMS – A Cornucopia of Inner Power?

Have you been experiencing crazy dreams lately? This, may be a really important question.

Have they popped in and surprised you, been bazaar and out of the ordinary? Yep. Me too. And from the people I’ve spoken with in the past few weeks – this is a thing!

Admittedly, our lives have been turned upside down and the rug of our false sense of security has been yanked from under us, so there is that. But then again it could be much more. In my case it was huge.

I’m about to share a pretty intense, eye opening experience because I believe it may help you too.

The thing about crazy dreams is just maybe they aren’t so crazy after all.

We all get them. They are nonsensical, colorful, flying, falling, sometimes disturbing and warped dreams with people we know turning into other people while interacting with us in strange and mysterious ways. Crazy is a perfect term.

We wake up wondering, WTH? Was that just a remnant of last nights dinner, our psyche trying to deal with our emotional state or something more?

To be clear there are differences between the crazy dreams our mind pulls together to help us release things, and the dreams our guides and angels show us in order to make a point or share a revelation.

In my case when it’s a ‘guided dream vision’ there is descriptive explanation audio by male or female voice in the final part or all of my visionary dream. Often I am aware of the entire thing from a half awake state as I observe and hear the dream and it’s content, I am not ‘in ‘ the dream though I may see myself in the story line. But my ‘crazy dreams’ don’t play out like this at all. They are just bonkers. Can you relate to this?

Several weeks ago I had a physical issue show up slowly over 3 days where my shoulder and neck muscles, the entire series of rotator cuff muscles, plus those that connect my neck to the base of my skull and to the base of my chin suddenly stiffened up on me and locked up. I had a lot of deep pain in the back under the left scapula, I couldn’t even touch my shoulder joint and had no head/neck rotation on the left at all. There had been several days of computer work but that’s not out of the ordinary. I did lift a heavy glass shelf and that may have been the last straw because I was already locking up and wondering about it before I did that.

I tried everything for the pain to leave and the muscles to relax but no go. On the 4th morning I awakened in the same situation, no rotation and pain. So before even moving out of bed I asked Spirit to tell me what was the issue causing this. Suddenly I was shown a quick review of all of the crazy dreams I had over a few weeks leading up to this. They were dreams from my past. They were people I had forgiven and situations I worked to release…so I thought. I had also felt I’d forgiven myself for those “I could have, Why did I “? scenarios. I remember waking up several mornings shaking my head and saying to myself…why am I dreaming about this old stuff I haven’t thought of for years?

After that sudden review I was imprinted with the awareness that I was being shown these had not been fully released. And this lack of release was the cause of my frozen shoulder and neck muscles.

The explanation continued; Seeing an artichoke (as an energetic replica of the body), with it’s leaves being peeled open I saw a dark space in the center where the remnants of what we hold on to out of fear, or anger, or grief, are held. And in that space they are creating an electromagnetic charge of some sort. Something that keeps circulating a charge within itself and creates an effect on the body.

When we are working on improving ourselves, doing the good work of connecting to our higher self and then to the higher wisdom and grace of the Divine we gain support, then the energy begins to move outward. I saw that electricity moving into the leaves of the artichoke as they folded down.

At some point the process allows some of that electromagnetic energy to be released. Where does it go? It goes into the body. However, IF we do not fully resolve that which is being held within us then the release gets stuck in the body itself. The flow wants to be fully charged away from the body and out into the energetic field beyond. But we are holding..therefore it only goes so far and if stuck for any length of time it can become a physical ailment!

When we fully RELEASE those events and humans the charge can complete it’s flow out of the body. (I know this can be tough because even when we work at forgiveness our mind will pull thoughts about the events back into our consciousness at random times). Please wait for little tip on that below.

As this information poured into me I chose to stay present in the moment and work with it.

When I do guided meditations I have my initial concept in mind but I turn it over fully to allowing Divine Source to take over and lead the meditation where it will be for everyone’s highest good. I am usually surprised at the direction it veers off to. And so I followed that same path with my own prayerful intentions and communications, which I said out loud. I relied on the support of the Divine to intercede and direct me.

As I reviewed the series of dreams I had been having I knew exactly whom I needed to release. Then I was shown and felt the guilt and remorse of those souls once they cross over and realize with clarity what they had done. I saw them turn back and reconnect to me with regret…keeping us tethered with a need to resolve this, perhaps in another lifetime. I do not want to be responsible for that.

Instead of distaste for these events or people I saw them as suffering souls and felt a strong compassion. I didn’t want any of them to be leaving this life, heading toward joy only to turn back and review an event connected to me that would cause them to turn their joyful journey around in remorse. I then could see etheric ties that now exist between us and I became aware of the power to cut those ties NOW. ( If it is a soul whose connection we don’t want to forever cut away we can still choose to release them from the guilt of an incident or behavior. The choice is ours to make.)

And so, one person or event at a time I said and felt this as it came into me:

*“Neither you or I will ever know in this life why we as souls both chose to participate in that experience.

In all of the universe that time and experience only has meaning in our memory. I do not want you to be tethered to me in eternity from remorse or guilt. Therefore right now I release you from all guilt in connection to me so you may continue onward when your time comes to cross.” I said it and meant it. I felt the release and then saw the tethers between us. So I visualized them being cut away from me. I did the cutting and I felt that release.

(Here is the little tip)*I then turned to my body and said, “Body, you no longer need to remind me of this experience. I have released and forgiven it. The memory of it no longer serves me and it needs to be removed. I am also releasing any pain or wounds associated with these people/events. I am sending them out into the ethers where they will do no harm. Please clear that memory bank. Thank you.”

I did this with each person/event. I lay there grateful for this knowledge and guidance. Then I got up.

I tried to turn my head and found it fully rotating with no pain or stiffness at all.

I couldn’t believe it! The pain in my back was gone. Even touching my shoulder was no longer a problem and I felt my arm and shoulder slowly unlock as I got up.

IT SERIOUSLY ALL WENT AWAY! After several days of deep pain and lack of mobility I was back to normal!

I share this with you because I know you have pain. We all have pain and wounds. Some of us have memories that are much worse than the rest of us can fathom. I know this because many of you are my clients and over the years you have trusted me and allowed me to step into your life to help you find your way. I am honored and in no way do I dare to minimize anyone’s pain, grief, anguish, or life experiences by making this seem like a simple thing.

But there is something I believe deeply. That you and I and our ancestors have historically been misled about our own power and potential by those who control the purse strings. This is true in every culture on every continent, through all time as we know it. Yet our power lies within us, mostly untapped!

There are a few deeper messages that refer this, which have managed to get passed down through time: “Mind over matter.”“Thoughts are things.”“The kingdom of God is within you.” Jesus Christ. And a contemporary quote from Marianne Williamson, “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” The list goes on.

At the core of this is, I believe the truth that once we use our higher mind to tell our human side what to do, it will respond to us. What I was shown incorporated this theory but it also took it into action in an even broader way. This is how people heal themselves, this is how we redirect our lives, this is how we tap into our human potential. If only we would choose to live proactively in relation to our life instead of living reactively to events. By living reactively we listen to and follow the words of our human mind. But we are called to Awaken, and that involves directing the mind and body instead of following the thoughts of the human brain. We must know ourselves as the soul that we are and begin to choose.

If you are reading this newsletter all the way through it’s because YOU are doing DEEPER WORK too.  Even if you don’t know it, trust me, you are.

These times are crazy. Our dreams and hurdles are opportunities we can use or ignore. The support is around us to help, even though we can’t see them we can still connect. I can certainly attest to that!

We can begin by asking for assistance from our divine guides and angels. Take just one step forward with an open mind. Imagine life without the burdens of the past! Give it a try.

Meanwhile, Do stay safe and enjoy the abundance in your life. Nothing is better than family, friends, pets and neighbors who truly care. They are our tribe.

Here is hoping you find a way to gather in your heart, on technology, or on your doorstep with those you love this holiday!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!   May you find the magic in your journey,

P.S. I’m working on a little ebook, which I hope to release at the end of this month. Fingers crossed. So look for that ‘out of sync’ email coming your way soon.

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