Art Studio


This little corner of my studio is where I explore my connection to nature and the divine through art.  It’s not about perfection in art.  It’s about how creating opens that portal to the voice of the soul.

YES, I have been a Clairvoyant-Medium all of my life, and have been reading professionally since in my 20’s but it wasn’t a plan.  I have also been deeply immersed in both nature and art.  A creative career was my goal since my math skills were, I believed, too weak for a career in Astronomy or Geology.  Back then all of the adults would tell me to be a nurse, or a secretary or, “you should be a weather girl”.  But none of those things interested me.  On reflection I can see my life is meant to be lived as an explorer.  I had no idea I was doing that all along.

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It seems to me the wisdom written about following what makes your heart sing is the answer that calls our name.  Why do we fight that?


When I chose to step away from the pressures of business and explore my heart I found myself led by a fairie in a dream, to a world where co-creating art with nature and spirit allowed magic to emerge ~ literally overnight. 

Here is just a little corner of my studio.  






EXPLORE PURCHASING  – A sampling of my work. Prints available.


Mixed Media

” Communion”

Acrylics, paper, natural objects on wood






Acrylics on canvas

Watercolor on paper

I’ve had the opportunity to adventure into many corners of the art world since my 20’s; from designing for the Art Glass industry for more than 27 years to a whole range of other experiences.  I also curated, directed and coordinated exhibitions, assisted fiber tapestry artists for major exhibits at the Carnegie Museum of Art, was VP of the U.S. offices of a fine arts publishing company in D.C. headquartered in Brazil,  a director of the juried art division of a large regional arts festivals for 3 years,  a published fairy artist in two international books, and I owned and operated the Western Pennsylvania Fairie Festival for two wonderful years. In 2002 I had dipped my toes into the waters of making art by committee for a very long time.

When I stood up for myself and decided to make a change – I began hearing my heart.  That’s when the dream fairie appeared and my life transformed.  I found my voice and my spirit. I made choices that brought me joy. Spirit has always led the way, but creating art (for me) brought joy and the muse back into my life.

I have since studied Ecology Art Therapy at Portland State and lead classes and workshops guiding others to explore their divine possibilities.

(I am a lifelong learner also certified in Crystal Reiki, an Usui Reiki Master and a licensed Massage Therapist.  I love to share what I’ve learned.)

I hope you enjoy my work and will jump into an art exploration class with me and other joyful souls who hope to hear their muse sing.