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Spend A Day With The Person of Your Dreams

Have you ever been asked, ” If you could spend one day with anyone who would it be?”

That has happened to me a few times and of course I would immediately think of loved ones who have crossed over.  But a few weeks ago I thought of that question myself, only this time I stipulated that it must be someone who is currently in this life.   So I pondered.

First I thought of the Dali Lama…but I realized that he is so pure in presenting who he is and what he believes, I don’t think I would discover much more than when I watch him on video.  The next person who came to mind was, Dr. Deepak Chopra.  I’ve always admired him and his knowledge.  But no, that didn’t feel like a necessity to me.  Then I thought, Yes, I would love to spend the day with Oprah.  Why? First of course it’s her spiritual journey she has so graciously shared with us for years.  Secondly, we are both Aquarians so I think we’d ‘get’ each other and I’m sure there is much more to her than what we are permitted to see on television.  But the biggest thing that I admire about her is her decision to surprise people with wonderful gifts, like the amazing, crazy give-aways she had on her show.  Yes, I’m sure most items were donated by the companies who manufactured them but still… she thought of this, and really relished in the giving.  For someone in her position to be so joyful about giving, that is a very expanded way of being, and very unusual.  Indeed I would love to spend a day with Oprah.

Now, some days have passed since then and it hit me.  It hit me that when I was in my 20’s the thing I enjoyed most was taking my paycheck and using part of it to buy a present for someone I cared about…for no reason other than to offer them a surprise.  I love surprises and I found such joy in being able to do that. When I got married some years later my (ex) husband said one day when I arrived home with another gift for him, “Why are you buying me presents? I haven’t bought anything for you and it’s not my birthday.”   I explained to him why I enjoyed doing this so.  I could see he just didn’t get it.  At Christmas he was all about gifting but this illogical ‘surprise’ thing had no meaning for him .   I stopped the buying shortly after that.  While reflecting on this I thought what would it be like to be Santa Claus.  That would be the ultimate fun, the most outrageous of gift givers.  Being Santa Claus, year round…what a wonderful life that would be. Yes, I thought, I would love to be Santa Claus.

So, if I were spending a ‘wish day’ with anyone … and it could include REAL mythic persons I would apologize to Oprah and spend the day with Santa.  No, better yet, I would take her along too.  Only I would make sure it was a surprise!

If you could spend a day with someone in this life, who would it be and why?  I would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe you need to hear them too.

Blessings & Magic,


How to Be Your Own Shaman

YOU MAY KNOW that I began having ‘spiritual experiences’ at the age of 6.  The first one was during a walk into a clearing surrounded by trees next to the property of my home when I witnessed life as layers of energy, all moving a different speeds as in a diarama, while feeling incredible love pouring into me. The second event was a ‘near death’ experience at the age of 7.  All of this was followed by an awareness of an incredibly expansive, active, unseen life of Divine support for humanity and in and through nature. The uninvoked communication is what I have come to know as an Angelic Realm.   It took years of this communication as I grew and questioned things before I realized that my ‘led’ experiences were closely related to Shamanic journeys.  I began looking more deeply at who and what Shaman are, and how that process was helpful to me and ultimately to my clients as I share my experiences.

Tribal cultures around the world turn to their ‘Shaman’ or ‘Medicine Man’ ,to be an intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds.  The Shaman’s life is focused on gaining knowledge from spiritual realms to return with this wisdom to cure illness, foresee the future, bring messages to and from the deceased souls, and heal many other problems for their tribe.   The first historically recorded Shamanic tribe was located in Siberia, with it’s linguistic roots in China. However, it appears that all tribal cultures have the equivalent of a Shaman.

Today our tribes consist of our families, our local community, our country and the global community of mankind.    So here we are… trying to resolve things, heal ourselves, get answers to questions about our purpose and more, all without a Shaman to rely on.   Our Medicine Men are people of science who do not tap into the supernatural world for answers, and unless we open ourselves to the Source, our prayers are often a one way street.  It is left up to each of us to take this journey upon ourselves.

So here are some tips for integrating the skills of a Shaman into your life’s practices for personal enlightenment.

  1.  GAIN AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE ENERGY FIELDS –  This doesn’t mean you need to study Quantum Physics, but do read articles on the human energy field and consider how those energy fields are the fiber of an interconnected web through the solar systems and throughout time. That’s a good place to begin to understand the depth and value of your own energy field.  Here is a great article on the human energy fields;
  2.  MERGE WITH NATURE – I refer to nature as the Divine Connector. Here is where mankind has always gone to connect with the Source, creator, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Buddah, Allah, The Divine Mother, whatever name you use, it is the same loving SOURCE.   Take quiet time in nature to listen to it’s many sounds instead of your own voice. Sit and breathe.   Feel the vibrational energies in the natural environment. Absorb them, give thanks, connect.
  3. SET INTENTIONS – Having found your center in nature you can now be more clear as you set your intentions for the good of your highest self.
  4.  ASK QUESTIONS – Ask your questions of the Divine.  Don’t beg and weep as that has negative energy attached; ask, trust and wait for  an answer with no expectation of how that will arrive. Leave that up to the higher source.
  5. JOURNAL YOUR DREAMS – Setting intention and asking questions before sleep can set the stage for Dream Journeying where your answers may be given to you in a symbolic form.  Therefore it is crucial to effective personal Shamanic work to record those dreams immediately on waking up before the details dissolve. Track back over your journal and see how things may be connected, what a recurring item may be, or who is trying to communicate with you.  Your Dream Journal is a most powerful tool.
  6. INTEGRATE WHAT YOU LEARN INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE – Even if the advice you gather seems odd, follow through with it. Contact that person who came up in your dream story line, or work to heal the situation that appeared.  Once you take the advice of Source it opens the pathway to more conscious two-way communication and a tremendous opportunity for communication.


I would love to hear your stories.


Be well in Peace & Love,


5 Tips For Meeting Your Authentic Self Through Creativity


Who is my Authentic Self and why is she hiding from me?

Doesn’t that seem silly that maybe we don’t know who we truly are, and that #Creativity can open a window to our hearts?  As time has marched on, like everyone else I have dealt with a lot of changes; divorce,  moving away , and losing loved ones.  I’ve also experienced beautiful moments that awakened something in me, and made me realize how I’ve been out of touch with myself.  I have found how #Creativity can be a joyful key to finding many answers.

We are such complex creatures, all so unique and different, yet it’s the simple things like a beautiful sunrise, a bright blue sky, or encountering a favorite color that speaks to us in a universal language of joy. In those quiet, brief moments that put a smile on our face or a skip in our step we connect with our true selves.

I have discovered that sitting with some interesting, colorful art supplies, and setting intention that I will have NO PRECONCEIVED IDEA but to just allow play to happen was like taking the hand of my inner child and letting her lead the way.

Getting out of our own way is the most difficult thing, especially if you are trained in art.  That can be the biggest hurdle ever because visualizing the end result just doesn’t want to go away.  But with patience and more willingness to play, to just EXPERIENCE the paint or clay, newspaper and crayons or whatever media is calling you, eventually you will get INTO the mud!  You will be FEELING the experience instead of thinking it.   IN THOSE MOMENTS you will begin to know yourself.  It takes time, but it happens and it’s worth the effort because it’s a sweet adventure back to you!

5 Tips To Allow A Creative You To Happen

  1. Tell your INNER JUDGE to take a HIKE. No judging is permitted in or around the creative process.
  2. Spend 3 days looking for your 3 favorite colors in your world; from nature to your grocery store, the more you keep looking the more they will show up.
  3. Spend 3 days playing with your 3 favorite colors.  Borrow your children’s crayons, handle the yarn or fabric at the fabric store, write on your bathroom mirror, try anything creative with those colors and see how it makes you FEEL.
  4. Sit quietly for 5 minutes, visualize yourself as a child having a happy time playing with toys or in the mud or on a hike. Visualize your smile then. What were you doing? Consider using similar tools for a creative project.
  5. Finger Paint, Finger Paint, Finger Paint!

What steps have you taken to play like your inner child and how did it work for you?  Please share.

Wishing you much joy!