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There Is Always Love

There Is Always Love

Today is my mother’s birthday. Barbara passed quietly in 2008 with my sister and I by her side. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect mother’, but she came as close as anyone could have to that title.

We were close. So close that I felt my soul connected to hers, still even when I was a rambunctious teenager. It was as if there was an invisible energy stream running between us, connected, that was never interrupted no matter the distance or time of day. Eventually we had our disagreements, which comes with maturing into your own being and taking wing. But they were minor spats and short lived. That energy stream was always there, even when dementia robbed her short term memory and she forgot who people were, that recognition between us remained.

This morning, I wasn’t quite sure of today’s date and I always mixed up her birthday with other important dates around the same time. Name and date recall has never been my strong suit. But I went into my studio this morning determined to spend an hour going through boxes of files recently moved from the basement, to find an important document and get that checked off my list right away. The first box I picked up had some photos on top, and then… there were photos of my mom and dad, of the family, a stack of bereavement cards from her passing, with long letters of love from family and friends.

Then a bird began to sing right outside my window on this cold, snowy day. She loved birds and birdsong so very much.

I looked at the date on my computer, called my sister to verify and yes, it’s my mom’s birthday. I then found the last birthday card I had bought her just before she passed. And in my mind’s eye I can see her smiling. Smiling as she almost always did. Even the bereavement letters all mention her smiling, laughing and joyful way that brought happiness to others.

You may call it a coincidence that I first picked up this one random box this morning … but I call it a message from my mom. It is her way of letting me know she’s still around, still smiling, still laughing with joy. She’s sending me (and the whole family) a card for her birthday. She would do that. She was so thoughtful that way and… still is.

With all of the years I have connected with deceased loved ones for my clients the experiences have ranged from subtle to profound, life altering and grief abating. I have been stunned too, shocked, humored, taught, and mostly uplifted and inspired by the light, the joy, the amazing unconditional love and support that our loved ones continue to share from the other side.

I have witnessed the soul visually leaving at the time of death, and at the time a prayer for uplifting the spirit of the departed has been uttered by clergy. It has taken my breath away. But no more so than the communications from those who have not gone but entered another realm of energy that our density doesn’t often have visual access to. Still they care, they guide, do what they can to help.

It is a consolation and validation I wish everyone could witness. Sadness, remorse, guilt, are difficult barriers for them to move through. But make no mistake. You are still being loved and guided by your family and friends who have crossed, no matter the circumstances. Keeping that connection open in your heart gives them permission to assist you more powerfully from their field of life.

Today, I wish a Happy Birthday to my mom, Barbara Miller. 

AND, I wish we all move from grief to belief, because in that place of LOVE is where we meet again.

Joy, Peace, Love, Happy February – The Month of Love.


Using Ceremony To Power Up Your Resolutions And Intentions

THE FOLLOWING POST is an excerpt from my first “Recipe Book” set to be launched this spring.  It’s very exciting and I’m just beginning the illustrations.   I hope you enjoy this segment and find it helpful.   Happy New Year!    Linda



New Year, New You. We mean well, we try, however, we often fail with resolutions that relate to personal transformation.

Why is that? You know, we are creatures of deeply embedded habits that can hinder transformation because deeper things that trigger are really the problem. Things that we believe about ourselves, unresolved situations, life experiences…these are the most common triggers and working on the symptom rather than the trigger is usually a fail in the long run. I know this all too well.

Attacking our New Years resolution without embracing the whole being, the whole life situation, the whole of our existence before we begin attacking the symptom is missing the key. And that makes for a very difficult uphill climb.

No, it should be smoother and easier than that. It should be an allowing instead of an attack. It should be a change carried out with grace and clarity. Those are two things that bring flow to change, and support transformation; Grace and Clarity.  So, how do we allow ourselves to go deeper?

We Begin with Clearing

Clearing space, both internal and external, calms the mind and readies the heart for new groundwork. The more valuable the mission, the more important the clearing and it’s ceremony becomes.

If you desire self-allowing for a rediscovery of your life’s path, or moving to a new location, or new career path, beginning a deeper aspect of an existing relationship or inviting in a new one, wishing to manifest a healthier lifestyle or any new start, Winter and the New Year is the ideal time to make way the path for allowing the new to arrive. Generations of mankind have honored this time of year for going ‘within’. It is the Fire Season, time to stoke the fires of the hearth and keep the internal flames burning through inner work, reflection and intention, planning and setting the stage for beginning renewal.

Ceremony is crucial to the clarity and ease of our success. Our ancestors knew this and lived deeply by ceremony. Not because they were uneducated and simple but because their intuitive senses were deeply intertwined with nature, the cycles of seasons, the cosmos and the Divine. Their intuition was highly refined. They relied on all of their intuitive senses for their very survival. Their highly activated senses were not stumped at 5 or 6 senses, but included up to 54! (I will touch on that later). They knew a higher source moved the cosmos and found they were able to tap into that source by the creation of a bridge through ceremony. However, it would require respect, honor and intention to activate the mission. History has substantiated that ceremony has been an important part of every civilization known to man.  These people were ‘deep’.  They only utilized tools that worked to help them survive. 

The shift that has allowed these practices to fade is mankind’s ‘newer’ mindset of separateness. It’s a mindset of superiority, and separateness from nature and the very cycles of life. Instead of an awareness of our integration it has become a ‘battle with the forces of nature’, and a self judgment that splits us from the Divine. Even the fact that trees supply us with our oxygen as we supply them with C02 is moved so far into the background of our consciousness that supporting the well being of nature, a necessity for our own survival, is not even a consideration. Somewhere in the dream of being more civilized mankind became so wrapped up in itself it has collectively forgotten our partnership with nature and the cosmos.

Most of us, other than small groups of indigenous people who maintained their histories, have totally disconnected from the ‘energy bridge’ that feeds our very life force and guides us to our souls, which are always connected to the Divine no matter what we are told.  The proof is everywhere. 

Ceremony brings us back to those connections.

And so at this auspicious time of year we can most effectively recreate a personal bridge to allow our resolutions to rise up in the most meaningful way possible; with deeper, all encompassing intention in grace and clarity.

Ceremony with smudging is an ancient, time tested, results oriented, holy process. It is a bridge builder, a space clearer, a re connector with the things that matter, an opportunity for real change.

Smudging involves:

*Gathering the tools – options are in the recipe included here

*Visualizing and setting intentions

*Honesty within the self

*Smudging by directing the smoke of spiritually revered plants around the body and then into the corners and doorways of your home

*If you are an antique collector, take extra time to smudge any furniture or things that belonged to others before you brought them into your home. Their energetic history is often embedded in layers of the piece and should be well cleared.

This applies to smudging when you move away from a home or into a new space. You want to remove the energy of the past owners and bring in blessings to clear space for your new beginnings.

I just have to share this story here too;

I remember my sister owned this wonderful Victorian sofa. She had it recovered in a soft tan burlap and had new stuffing put in. She told me that one day as she took a short nap on the sofa something woke her up. She saw a woman with her hair up in a bun walk along side the sofa, then she tuned her back to my sister, sat down on the sofa and disappeared into it! My sister has not had the experiences I’ve had. For her this was shocking and hard to even fathom. Especially since the woman basically went right through her into the sofa. She never had another event like that but a few years later she wanted to sell the sofa, and I wanted to own it since it was so gorgeous, and Victorian. Naturally, I did some heavy smudging on that piece. I never did see the lady or feel anything unusual around it after the smudging ceremony.

And so we begin by clearing the stagnant energy in the living and work spaces and also the Auric field surrounding your own body as well as the 7 primary Chakra energy fields within the energy body.

The tools for clearing are up to you. However, traditional methods involve using the smoke of a dried White Sage bundle, or the wood of a sacred Palo Santo tree. Both items are readily available online or at gift and crystal shops. You can also substitute with a home made bundle of sage leaves, dried lavender or cedar from the tree in your yard. If smoke bothers you use a substitute of essential oil spray, chimes or bells.

Remember that while ‘smoking’ /’smudging’ your space it is important to speak aloud in prayer asking for blessings, asking for all old energy to be broken up and cleared from the home, asking your angels to enter and maintain that higher energy of Love, Peace and Joyful Abundance. Verbally set your intentions and give thanks for the protection of your home. Take extra time smudging dark corners that are not used often where little change occurs, and also at the entry points of your home too.

It’s my experience that it’s important when setting intentions for ‘abundance’, to put the word “JOYFUL‘ in front of abundance. Abundance by itself is just a whole lot of something. I for one am intent on being very clear about what type of abundance I am manifesting.

After clearing your space it’s time to ‘make room‘ for new beginnings. ‘ Making room’ may touch on clearing, donating and rearranging things in your living and work spaces but most importantly, it’s about making room within, “preparing a room” for divine to enter and do the joyful abundance thing with you. That means making some thought and belief changes. With allowing clarity and grace it can be done with ease.

It all requires some sort of ‘home work’, inner work, asking for divine guidance, and PLAY; some exploring, some adventure, some releasing and a lot of getting clear on our visions, dreams, and taking our plans into action.

Enjoy the ceremony and bridge building.  Enjoy the freshness of new space, it will be palpable.  Enjoy the opportunity to create a new path for yourself from a place of peace.

May blessings and success be yours,




One White Sage Bundle or One Palo Santo wood stick (purchase online or at local gift shops).

One Feather (optional for assisting release of smoke)

A fireproof dish or large shell to catch any ash

A fire starter (matches or lighter)

(In lieu of the above; good quality essential oil spray or a bell or bells with a pleasant sound)


Anytime, however the New Moon is a most ideal time as this is when we plant and eventually reap the biggest benefits.

BONUS – January 2018 – New Moon – Tuesday the 16th!



Determine your intention (i.e. break up and release old energy/ replace with balance and protective energy, clear the space and help manifest your intention).

Close off fans and open doors and windows.

Clear away debris from corners if possible before beginning.

Gather your tools and stand or sit in the front center room of your home, near the entry door.

State your intentions and invite your angels to help you clear away the old, stagnant, heavy energy and bring in new blessings and clarity to your home and your life.

Begin by lighting the sage and letting the flame go out or gently blow it out and let the plant smoke.

Hold the fireproof plate under the sage.

Move the sage bundle and smoke to your heart area in a circular movement, across the throat, third eye -forehead- and at your crown being careful not to let any smoldering pieces drop onto you. Then lead the smoke bundle down the front of you to your feet, up along your sides and a bit over each shoulder. While doing this ask for clearing of your energy fields and clarity of the mind and heart.

If a friend is helping you have her hold the sage and move it from your feet up to your crown as you turn clockwise in the smoke. Take extra time in the area of the Heart Chakra.

Begin smoke smudging at the four corners of your entry door and then

move through the house from lowest level to the upper level and back to the main entry area, always moving clockwise from corner to corner and room to room with the sage.

If the smudge stick stops smoking light it up again.

Use the feather to help ease the smoke into the corners clearing away old energy.

Remember this is fire and smoke so extra caution is needed to move slowly and not drop lit ash.

Move through each room gently waving smoke into each corner of the room, breaking up the energy there while asking the angels to help clear the space and replace the old energy with good, healing, protective energy. Repeat in every corner.

Thank the plant for it’s goodness and the angels for their blessings as you walk to your next area.

Be mindful of things you are grateful for and of your particular intention.

Hold the space of this being a ceremony.

Remember, you are creating a bridge between yourself and your angelic guides as you bring them in.

Allow the Sage or Palo Santo to smolder until it stops on it’s own.

End with a prayer of gratitude thanking your angels and guides, and the plant or tree wood that assisted you.

Sit quietly with your intentions for your new beginnings. This will help reinforce the spiritual connections and support for your outcomes as well as bring clarity to your heart and mind.

After the ceremony It is important to open some doors or windows for a short spell  to allow released energy to exit the home.

At night review your intention and visualize your success immediately prior to sleep.

Happy Manifesting!       Linda

© Linda Varos

This is an excerpt from Linda’s upcoming illustrated book:  ‘Learning the Language of Your Soul’, A recipe book for finding the path to your magical life.”

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How to Be Your Own Shaman

YOU MAY KNOW that I began having ‘spiritual experiences’ at the age of 6.  The first one was during a walk into a clearing surrounded by trees next to the property of my home when I witnessed life as layers of energy, all moving a different speeds as in a diarama, while feeling incredible love pouring into me. The second event was a ‘near death’ experience at the age of 7.  All of this was followed by an awareness of an incredibly expansive, active, unseen life of Divine support for humanity and in and through nature. The uninvoked communication is what I have come to know as an Angelic Realm.   It took years of this communication as I grew and questioned things before I realized that my ‘led’ experiences were closely related to Shamanic journeys.  I began looking more deeply at who and what Shaman are, and how that process was helpful to me and ultimately to my clients as I share my experiences.

Tribal cultures around the world turn to their ‘Shaman’ or ‘Medicine Man’ ,to be an intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds.  The Shaman’s life is focused on gaining knowledge from spiritual realms to return with this wisdom to cure illness, foresee the future, bring messages to and from the deceased souls, and heal many other problems for their tribe.   The first historically recorded Shamanic tribe was located in Siberia, with it’s linguistic roots in China. However, it appears that all tribal cultures have the equivalent of a Shaman.

Today our tribes consist of our families, our local community, our country and the global community of mankind.    So here we are… trying to resolve things, heal ourselves, get answers to questions about our purpose and more, all without a Shaman to rely on.   Our Medicine Men are people of science who do not tap into the supernatural world for answers, and unless we open ourselves to the Source, our prayers are often a one way street.  It is left up to each of us to take this journey upon ourselves.

So here are some tips for integrating the skills of a Shaman into your life’s practices for personal enlightenment.

  1.  GAIN AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE ENERGY FIELDS –  This doesn’t mean you need to study Quantum Physics, but do read articles on the human energy field and consider how those energy fields are the fiber of an interconnected web through the solar systems and throughout time. That’s a good place to begin to understand the depth and value of your own energy field.  Here is a great article on the human energy fields;
  2.  MERGE WITH NATURE – I refer to nature as the Divine Connector. Here is where mankind has always gone to connect with the Source, creator, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Buddah, Allah, The Divine Mother, whatever name you use, it is the same loving SOURCE.   Take quiet time in nature to listen to it’s many sounds instead of your own voice. Sit and breathe.   Feel the vibrational energies in the natural environment. Absorb them, give thanks, connect.
  3. SET INTENTIONS – Having found your center in nature you can now be more clear as you set your intentions for the good of your highest self.
  4.  ASK QUESTIONS – Ask your questions of the Divine.  Don’t beg and weep as that has negative energy attached; ask, trust and wait for  an answer with no expectation of how that will arrive. Leave that up to the higher source.
  5. JOURNAL YOUR DREAMS – Setting intention and asking questions before sleep can set the stage for Dream Journeying where your answers may be given to you in a symbolic form.  Therefore it is crucial to effective personal Shamanic work to record those dreams immediately on waking up before the details dissolve. Track back over your journal and see how things may be connected, what a recurring item may be, or who is trying to communicate with you.  Your Dream Journal is a most powerful tool.
  6. INTEGRATE WHAT YOU LEARN INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE – Even if the advice you gather seems odd, follow through with it. Contact that person who came up in your dream story line, or work to heal the situation that appeared.  Once you take the advice of Source it opens the pathway to more conscious two-way communication and a tremendous opportunity for communication.


I would love to hear your stories.


Be well in Peace & Love,


5 Tips For Meeting Your Authentic Self Through Creativity


Who is my Authentic Self and why is she hiding from me?

Doesn’t that seem silly that maybe we don’t know who we truly are, and that #Creativity can open a window to our hearts?  As time has marched on, like everyone else I have dealt with a lot of changes; divorce,  moving away , and losing loved ones.  I’ve also experienced beautiful moments that awakened something in me, and made me realize how I’ve been out of touch with myself.  I have found how #Creativity can be a joyful key to finding many answers.

We are such complex creatures, all so unique and different, yet it’s the simple things like a beautiful sunrise, a bright blue sky, or encountering a favorite color that speaks to us in a universal language of joy. In those quiet, brief moments that put a smile on our face or a skip in our step we connect with our true selves.

I have discovered that sitting with some interesting, colorful art supplies, and setting intention that I will have NO PRECONCEIVED IDEA but to just allow play to happen was like taking the hand of my inner child and letting her lead the way.

Getting out of our own way is the most difficult thing, especially if you are trained in art.  That can be the biggest hurdle ever because visualizing the end result just doesn’t want to go away.  But with patience and more willingness to play, to just EXPERIENCE the paint or clay, newspaper and crayons or whatever media is calling you, eventually you will get INTO the mud!  You will be FEELING the experience instead of thinking it.   IN THOSE MOMENTS you will begin to know yourself.  It takes time, but it happens and it’s worth the effort because it’s a sweet adventure back to you!

5 Tips To Allow A Creative You To Happen

  1. Tell your INNER JUDGE to take a HIKE. No judging is permitted in or around the creative process.
  2. Spend 3 days looking for your 3 favorite colors in your world; from nature to your grocery store, the more you keep looking the more they will show up.
  3. Spend 3 days playing with your 3 favorite colors.  Borrow your children’s crayons, handle the yarn or fabric at the fabric store, write on your bathroom mirror, try anything creative with those colors and see how it makes you FEEL.
  4. Sit quietly for 5 minutes, visualize yourself as a child having a happy time playing with toys or in the mud or on a hike. Visualize your smile then. What were you doing? Consider using similar tools for a creative project.
  5. Finger Paint, Finger Paint, Finger Paint!

What steps have you taken to play like your inner child and how did it work for you?  Please share.

Wishing you much joy!