Conservatory for Creative Change

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” Martin Buber – Writer/Philosopher

WELCOME TO –  Conservatory for Creative Change.

A Conservatory is a ‘greenhouse’. It provides the right environment to encourage healthy growth and expansion.   It is also a respected place to create the arts, music, painting, dance, and commune with nature.  It is a place where the muse is released, and often serendipity flows to become masterpieces, and higher forms of creative self-expression. It seemed the perfect metaphor for a place without walls that provides such nurturing, and opportunity for growth and  joyful transformation. = Creative Change.

We are all ‘seekers’, looking to rediscover who we truly are.  I spent many years looking outside of myself for those answers only to find the key is in unlocking the self to get to the bountiful soul.  Both nature and creative expression are two of the most joyful and profound ways to begin the unlocking.   Through my years of exploring I have found a path that is truly a magical journey.

I hope that here you will find opportunity and guidance for your own magical journey.  May this conservatory inspire you through courses, workshops, interviews, video journeys, or  one-on-one interactions with interesting people and places. Visit often. Bond with like minded souls, or read along in the quiet corner of your own world.  May every visit with us expand your joy!

Namaste’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Linda


E-COURSES – Coming Soon


SUMMER 2017 –

SOUL LANGUAGE SCHOOL – Mini  – One day workshops in PA

Saturday, June 24th  and /or  Saturday, July 29th                                             

In this one day workshop Linda will guide you to expand your intuition, connect with nature as a soul-partner, and utilize creative expression as a lifelong tool for personal enlightenment.   Enjoy a day exploring nature, stretching your creative boundaries, and learn how to ‘play outside the box’ to rediscover your magical life.  No creative experience required.  

Linda Varos is an internationally known Clairvoyant/Medium, published Fairy Artist, and Certification trained in Eco-Art Therapy   Watch for further details                                         


AUTUMN 2017 –

ENCHANTED LIVING FOREST SCHOOL  with JOHN SPRINGER                                                                                                                              and OPENING YOUR THIRD EYE WITH THE ELEMENTALS with LINDA VAROS  

Spend a weekend in the beautiful Pennsylvania woodlands

Saturday and Sunday, September 16th & 17th.   Watch for further details

This weekend will be a new kind of vision quest.  Under John’s direction we will learn to open our ‘inner eyes’ to see where nature’s elementals live and how they communicate with us in the forest.  Later, we will guide you in connecting directly with nature.  Learning to open your intuition in the presence of nature will expand and increase your higher senses by opening the 3rd eye, the soul’s communication pathway. Creativity in nature will be an added component.  John will seal your experience by fluffing your wings for the journey home!

John Springer is;   Owner of Enchanted Walkabouts is a Landscape Architect and Conservation Advisor in central Florida.  With a BS in Landscape Architecture with minors in Forestry, Art & Interior Design from Purdue University, John received his Masters in Environmental Science Education from FIT, and has spent 30 years as an Eagle Scout developing unique environmental programs throughout Florida and Georgia.  However, John gifts his participants with his uncommon ability to envision, and communicate with nature’s often hidden elemental beings. In 1999, he was directed by  the Faerie Realm to awaken more humans to their role as Stewards of the Earth.   John will show us how to look at nature with new eyes and see the magic that has been right in front of us all along.                                            

Linda Varos is; An internationally recognized Clairvoyant/Medium, Reiki Master,  published Fairy Artist, and facilitator of Eco-Art Therapy. 

More Details announced soon.