Creative Soul Adventures

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” Martin Buber – Writer/Philosopher


If you are on an expedition seeking your own True North, you have come to the right place.

We are all ‘seekers’, looking to re-discover who we truly are, ways to expand our inner joyfulness, peace and sense of belonging, ways to step into that place that brings us back to the magic we have forgotten, ways to find our higher calling.  I spent many years looking outside of myself for those answers only to find the key is in unlocking the self to get to the bountiful soul, and the answers beyond it. Intuitive expansion with nature and creative expression are among the most joyful and profound ways to begin that truly miraculous journey.

It’s time to awaken your Magical Life!   Joyfully Yours,   Linda



HOORAY!  Our new ‘live studio’ is now open for classes, workshops, guest speakers, creative play, and one-on-one sessions!

CREATIVE SOUL ADVENTURES –  a Mastery School for transformational and creative arts is now open at

The Riverview Antique Marketplace, Cheswick, PA 15024, 2nd floor.

This is a listing of upcoming events.  If you are in the region, pleases join us!





EXPAND YOUR INTUITION WITH ORACLE CARDS – A six class live online course.

Intuition Expansion will impact every aspect of your life once you discover your own personal method for communication. One of the easiest sources to develop that expansion into allowing and openness is the use of Oracle Cards.

You may already use Oracle Cards as a source of guidance. But are you using them in a way that expands your intuition and gives you a greater connection to the Divine source of  knowledge?

These six (6) classes are developed to help you stretch beyond simple, repetitious card selection and book explanations into the realm of true mind-body-spirit expansion. 

Some day this type of expansion will be commonplace.  Today it seems only reserved for those who have a deeper interest in exploring their inner “knowing”, and searching for what is their ‘truth”.  We, alongside those Mystics, esoteric and spiritual students throughout history, walk the path of ‘allowing’.   This course provides you with the knowledge to lead you there.

* In this series of 6 classes you will learn how to be a more effective co-creator with Spirit.

* You will learn how to access tools that lead to allowing the unfolding of a personal style of intuition expansion that works for you when you need it the most.

* You will also use other methods of intuition expansion as we move through the series, always coming back to the Oracles to keep us on track. 

With practice you will develop a path of stronger intuitive guidance for more consistent solutions and direction for every aspect of your life. 

* You will also have access to a facebook group and weekly Friday email access to me for questions regarding your progress. 

6 Thursday evening sessions via ~ utilizing your chosen deck    (Deck ownership is not necessary for the first online class BUT you do need a nice tablet to record your methods throughout the series.  Lined or unlined paper optional as you may wish to collage or sketch in addition to writing/recording).

Once you sign up you will be sent an email for logging in at 7 pm. EST

Linda with her mural – ‘Eden’, in progress – at the new live studio for Creative Soul Adventures.

Linda Varos is a lifelong Clairvoyant-Medium, a Reader for 40+ years, a published and collected artist, author, naturalist, and Holistic Wellness Practitioner/ LMT and Reiki Master.  Her mission is to share the tools and gifts of knowledge from her life’s guided journeys with Spirit so others may walk a path of joy and greater clarity on the journey to their truest destiny. 

Session 1 – The Broader Landscape of Oracle Deck Use – Thursday , Nov. 15th , 7 – 8:15 pm EST

*History of Oracles and determining the best decks for you * Pathways for expansion * Establishing a mental and physical landscape for success *Entering the zone now

Session 2 – Connecting With Your Guides – Thursday, Nov. 29Th 7 to 8:15 pm EST

* The veil and the illusion * Forms of reception * Meeting your Guides *Beginning interpretation methods * Q&A

Session 3 – Best Practices For Interpretation Success – Thursday, Dec. 13th, 7 to 8:15 pm EST

*Shadow work * Recognizing and overcoming manipulation and blocks *Breathwork & Releasing Control * Ways to move into deeper trust * Personal Ethics * Q&A

Sessions 4, 5 & 6 – Applications For Immediate And Long Term Results

Session 4 – Connecting The Dots – Thursday, Dec. 27th, 7 to 8:15 pm EST

* Creative Visualization *Creative Journaling * Personal Shamanism * Tying it all together with the Oracles * Q&A

Session 5 – Synchronicity – Thursday, Jan. 10th, 7 to 8:15 pm EST

* Utilizing other guidance for more abundant outcomes * Moving beyond the cards – Exploration in other communication realms * Q&A and personal assistance

Session 6 – Your DNA – Thursday, Jan. 24th, 7 to 8:15 pm EST

*Ceremonies * Directed Self-healing * Self-guided Re-programming * Review and Class discussions


NOTE: All Sessions on Zoom will be available to you in recorded format if you are unable to attend the live session.

* This course also includes pdf’s and word documents for guidance.

*STUDENTS OF THIS FULL COURSE also receive half off of a full one-hour distance reading within 30 days after course completion.


$ 135 for all 6 classes  at a discounted rate  – You will receive an email with log-in information prior to the 7 pm class.


$ 27 per class 



Thurs. Jan. 10, Saturdays; 12, 19, 26, & (Feb. 2. – Ceremonial Goddess evening event / 5 – 7:30 pm)

In these 5 sessions we will unlock our goddess qualities. Within the Archetypal patterns of the human family we all possess the qualities of one or more particular goddesses. Discover which goddess your soul resonates with, and which qualities you can embody to redirect outcomes in your life. In a playful, guided painting process (with music and flow paint), you will encourage her to emerge on canvas. She will then grace the walls of your home and be a constant guide and companion on your joyful journey through life. The final session is a celebratory Goddess Party.

NOTE: Please bring a 20 x 20 canvas. (Michael’s carries these. Check your cell phone when there for the daily coupon). Use of all other supplies, gesso, acrylic flow and tube paint, and brushes is included in class fee.

$225.00 (for all 5 sessions)   



For One-On-One Sessions Go to: READINGS & MORE ________________________________________________________________________________

AND…Ta Da…the big game changer-

‘Your Magical, Mystical, Mythical Soul Journey’   

An Intuition Expansion Adventure in Enchanted England – 10 Days – June 2019

Expand your intuition beyond your wildest dreams – Join me on a journey sure to be filled with fairie sparkles;  to mystical, mythical, magical England.  YES, I said ENGLAND!  More details coming September 2018

This will be a once in a lifetime event. Space will be very limited.  You can put yourself on the notification list by emailing me so you can be first in line for a spot when it opens up.



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