Creative Soul Adventures

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” Martin Buber – Writer/Philosopher


If you are on an expedition seeking your own True North, you have come to the right place.

We are all ‘seekers’, looking to re-discover who we truly are, ways to expand our inner joyfulness, peace and sense of belonging, ways to step into that place that brings us back to the magic we have forgotten, ways to find our higher calling.  I spent many years looking outside of myself for those answers only to find the key is in unlocking the self to get to the bountiful soul, and the answers beyond it. Intuitive expansion with nature and creative expression are among the most joyful and profound ways to begin that truly miraculous journey.

It’s time to awaken your Magical Life!   Joyfully Yours,   Linda


Adventures and explorations into Spirit, Nature and Art as channels to the soul.

When you step into these realms and connect, the muse within begins to speak.  This is the start of finding the path to your magical life.

  Join me here, online and on location (via vlogging) for readings and workshops with myself and guests.  Upcoming events will always be listed here.

      Okay beautiful soul…it’s time to remember who you are and own it!

This November we will begin a 6 week journey into the realms of self-discovery. This time it’s all about the self you probably have never met and trust me, she’s one expansive shining light of a beauty.

We will explore, chat, nature walk, create, maybe even spend some time in the kitchen with Wise Women, while opening higher pathways within.  This course is just perfect for playful exploring during the winter months.

If  you are up for replacing some of those old perceptions with shiny new ones then your intention has placed you  on the journey of Remembering Your Rainbow.  Once you have the experience, tools, and community to support you – the sky is the limit.

*  Personal Energy Field Assessment and Goal Setting with Linda

Working with your energy fields for clearing and re-balancing your body/mind/spirit- being;

Utilizing :

* Herbals

* Crystals and Minerals

* Intention and Ceremony

* Exercises for reconnecting to your higher-self

* A  lovely shortcut for tapping into the Divine Stream in the moment while expanding your own joyfulness

(I too can relate to the difficulty of staying a long time in meditation – that’s how I discovered this and it’s been truly powerful)

*A sure fire method for managing the repetitious loop of past experiences and busy brain

* Connecting with nature to heal and discover solutions to life’s hurdles

* Playing with color and paints and other media to express experiences, which opens the door to communication with your Muse

* Stepping into the kitchen with some Wise Women to learn about Herbals and your Energy Fields

* Closing ceremony for new intentions and owning your inner magnificence.

THERE will be a live Zoom meeting once a week for discussion, interactions, support circle, and Q&A

All Weekly sessions will be downloadable video and pdf. content.

(You can view these at any time)  However, the weekly Q & A Zoom meetings will be an opportunity to have questions answered in real time.

Access to me throughout the series via email and text messaging.

When?  Online- November 9th – December 21st





A Mastery School for Personal Transformation and The Spiritual & Creative Arts is now open at

The Riverview Antique Marketplace, Cheswick, PA 15024, 2nd floor.

Also online and one-on-one Mentoring, Classes and Workshops.




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