Creative Soul Adventures


All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” Martin Buber – Writer/Philosopher


If you are on an expedition seeking your  own True North, you have come to the right place.

We are all ‘seekers’, looking to re-discover who we truly are, and ways to expand our inner joyfulness, peace and sense of belonging.

I spent many years looking outside of myself for those answers only to find the key is in unlocking the self to get to the bountiful soul. Intuitive expansion with nature and creative expression are among the most joyful and profound ways to begin that truly magical journey.

You and I are a process in constant flow. We are happening in the NOW.  It is my wish to share opportunities with you to move your flow forward instead of in the continual cycles we sometimes choose.  One day a waterfall and stream taught me how to shift my view from pushing my way through obstacles to allowing a flow around them.  NATURE has a power to help us learn, heal and reconnect to wisdom. CREATIVITY helps us release and begin to hear our own voice.  Together they are fertile soil for creative change.  This process is truly an adventure.

ALLOWING EXPANDS INTUITION, nature and expression help to form how that intuition begins to appear to us.  That is what I call “The Language of the Soul”.  This is where you will discover the true-ness of magic in your life.

Like all growing things the offerings here will expand over time.  With you, me and other like minded soul-adventurers we can expect a fully blooming, joyous adventure.

It’s time to awaken your Magical Life!

Joyfully Yours,   Linda



ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATIVE SERIES – Creative Wisdom Coaching TM  ( A six week personalized program )

This is where the magic happens. 

Are you ready to take on the challenge of shifting old patterns to expand your intuitive self and step on the path to finding and keeping your own magic?

If you keep repeating old patterns and are tired of recreating life in the same old loop.  If you JUST KNOW there is MUCH MORE than what you are experiencing.  If you can almost taste an elusive other way of being that’s just around the bend.   You have come to the right place.

Over 6 weeks we will fine tune your wants and needs.  We will look at the dark spots and use tools to erase them once and for all.  We will get you sailing forward to that distant North Star that is all yours, just waiting for you to allow and awaken.   Over the past 50 years of my life I have been blessed to walk the journey of spiritual evolution.  From childhood on I have been guided, through darkness and light, and been given one tool after another to continue forward to opening to the Divine in practice and in life.  I have learned the language of my own soul, discovered my True North and how to live it, and now have the passion and mission to share these tools with others.

Your mission will be to do the weekly sessions and assignments for 6 weeks.   During this time you will receive;  TWO one hour readings, TWO online meetings, THREE phone meetings, A WEEKLY planner, email access FIVE DAYS of the week with ongoing assessments.   With your active engagement in classwork especially developed for your needs, goals and personal expansion, the six weeks will culminate with a Distance Energy Attunement.

One of my most skeptical clients, a business professional mover and shaker,  recently told me on a follow up call that she now “understood why I use the term ”magical’, because the outcome IS TRULY MAGIC, unexpected and life changing.”  She couldn’t believe how it awakened her and shifted her life in a new direction.

If you are ready for some beautiful inner work, contact me for details.

For information on Readings and Energy work go here…



Let nature guide you to the next part of your journey to awakening and joy.

In this one day workshop Linda will guide you to expand your intuition, connect with nature as a soul-partner, and utilize creative expression as a lifelong tool for personal enlightenment.   Enjoy a day exploring nature, stretching your creative boundaries, and learn how to ‘play outside the box’, to begin to understand the personal language of your soul and rediscover your magical life. No creative experience required.

Linda Varos is certified in Ecology Art Therapy. An avid naturalist, Linda is also an internationally known and gifted Clairvoyant/Medium since childhood and a near death experience, as well as a published Fairy Artist.  As a Reiki Master and creativity guide she also worked for 6 years with hospice patients, which expanded her awareness of ‘walking between the worlds’,and deepened her understanding of the bridge between nature and the Divine.

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017    – Details            



ENCHANTED LIVING FOREST SCHOOL  with JOHN SPRINGER                                                                                                                          

Spend a weekend in the beautiful Pennsylvania woodlands –

This weekend will be a new kind of vision quest.

Under John’s direction we will learn to open our ‘inner eyes’ to see where nature’s elemental’s live and how they connect with the forest.              Linda will begin with a guided meditation to help release our energy from the world of stress and technology, and open us to receiving.  John will then guide us on a tour of  the woodland’s natural habitats for elemental beings and teach us how to increase our opportunities for communication with them.  Opening your intuition in the presence of nature reactivates the higher senses by opening the 3rd eye, the soul’s communication pathway.  On Day 2 we will paint, glue and write on a personal work of art about our experiences.  There will be private time both days for quiet guidance from nature.  John will seal the weekend by fluffing our wings for the journey home!

John Springer is;   Owner of Enchanted Walkabouts, and ELF (Enchanted Living Forest) School,  is a Landscape Architect and Conservation Advisor in central Florida.  With a BS in Landscape Architecture with minors in Forestry, Art & Interior Design from Purdue University, John received his Masters in Environmental Science Education from FIT, and has spent 30 years as an Eagle Scout developing unique environmental programs throughout Florida and Georgia.  However, John gifts his participants with his uncommon ability to envision, and communicate with nature’s often hidden elemental beings. In 1999, he was directed by  the Faerie Realm to awaken more humans to their role as Stewards of the Earth.   John will show us how to look at nature with new eyes and see the magic that has been right in front of us all along.   

Linda Varos is certified in Ecology Art Therapy from Portland State University. An avid naturalist, Linda is also an internationally known and gifted Clairvoyant/Medium and published Fairy Artist.  As a Reiki Master and creativity guide she worked for 6 years with hospice patients, which expanded her awareness of ‘walking between the worlds. This deepened her understanding of the bridge between nature and the Divine, and it’s impact on the journey of awakening.