Soul Language School mini

SOUL LANGUAGE SCHOOL mini – July 22nd, 2017 – 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Soul Language School (Mini) is a one day experiential workshop designed to provide wonderful tools to allow your magical life to begin unfolding while you expand your intuition, release old blocks, and creatively discover the path to your very own communication style with the Divine Stream  where clarity and answers reside.  If you are seeking to move beyond your history into a brighter life;

If you want more out of life but don’t know how to get clarity or answers;

If you are ready to be more fearless but need support for the journey;

If you are actively seeking your True North, then this workshop is designed to help you

open those gates and allow the magic to unfold.

What can this journey bring to me? –

*New ways to expand your intuition to receive answers and

solutions to your life questions and hurdles, sometimes instantly!

*Tools and processes that uplift, bring joy, and

aid your continued expansion into a limitless well of knowledge

* Gain a unique perspective of your own life story that can help shift you out of

repetitive loop cycles and into your authentic destiny, where the magic resides

How Will The Day Progress? –

*I will share some of the tools I have learned over many years to help;

shift your perspective of existence and the keys to ‘nature connect’,

open and expand your Third Eye- the seat of intuition, attune your underused senses,

and explore ‘allowing’ through the creative process.

What will I need to bring?

This wonderful location is surrounded by trees, shrubs, a creek, and a few bugs.

Bring sunblock, Tick spray, water shoes, ankle high socks, sunglasses, wear painting clothes.

Bring a bagged lunch, and a large thermos of cold drinks. **

Bring your curiosity and an open mind – This is your adventure!

What is Provided?

Art supplies are included

Snacks are provided

There will be refrigeration for your bagged lunch and drinks**

Anything else? –

YES, in addition to this one magical day you will also receive

21 Day Access to me, via email, for personal responses to your questions while you continue to explore, experience,

and learn your own Soul Language.

AND – there is the added bonus of joining a special facebook group to continue to share your experiences with others on the journey.

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 – 9 am until 5 pm

‘Soul Language School Mini Workshop’ will be held at CAMP DEER CREEK,

between Indiana Township and Cheswick, in the woodlands of Western Pennsylvania within 2 miles of the PA Turnpike Allegheny Valley Exit, and within 1 mile of Rt. 28 North near the Pittsburgh Mills. 

This is a new course so this initial rate is just $99 for the day * INCLUDING supplies* however, the attendance size is limited.

Please sign up via email; at  /

 in the subject line please write; Soul Language School

Questions?  write

Welcome to your exciting new journey!  Blessings, Linda