Crystal Reiki


Reiki And Your Quantum Field

Restoring your beautiful bio-energetic being & soul field

How Can Reiki Help Me?

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Client quote regarding Reiki and Crystal Reiki;  “…My first session with Linda left me awe-struck.  I could not believe the accuracy not only with her readings, but also her energy work.  Linda was able to pick up on my narcolepsy and ongoing hormonal imbalance.  In fact, with her intuitive guidance, I am now in the process of healing any imbalances and my narcolepsy is also more stable.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have towards Linda and the impact she has made in my life the past 9 months.  I do believe I am truly a better person and growing more each day with self-love, acceptance, and trusting my own intuitive insights due to the universe bringing Linda into my life as a “Fellow Traveler.”   – Terrie  –  LCSW

What Is Reiki?

“Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the (client) or patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.” Wikipedia

I will add to this that the practitioner is not a ‘healer’.  The practitioner is a facilitation channel of the universal energy that comes in through the practitioner once they are trained and ** ‘attuned’ to the Reiki energy.  The client is the healer as intention with emotion creates a receptor (as in radio waves + radio antenna) in the mind and body, which then activates results.

A brief Reiki history

WHILE IT IS NOT RELIGION BASED IN PRACTICE, the knowledge of what would become Reiki was delivered to Dr. Mikao Usui via a spiritual quest for ways to heal people.  Usui had been raised in a wealthy Buddhist family who were influenced by Christian missionaries.  The doctor was frustrated that he could not heal everyone as he knew Jesus had said everyone could be healed. He took that literally and spent many years on a mission seeking the answer in travels and ancient documents only to return to his home country of Japan to give it one last ditch effort by fasting from food and praying on a mountain top for 21 days.  On day 21 he received ancient Sanskrit symbols in an ecstatic experience. His spiritual awakening on the top of Mount Kurama, followed by several healings as he descended the mountain, was the beginning of Usui Reiki. (A form of Reiki has existed perhaps going back 1,000 years or more in the East.)

In 1922 Dr. Mikao (Sensi) Usui established a clinic for healing and teaching in Kyoto. As the practice of Usui Reiki was spreading, Dr. Usui became known for the success of his healing practice and became very busy.

He later trained an assistant, Dr. Hayaski who took on the robe of Usui Reiki doctor and teacher after Usui had passed.

Dr. Hayashi had a client, Mrs. Takata from Hawaii who came to find healing from tumors.  Once healed she wanted to practice Usui Reiki as well.  Dr. Hayashi trained Mrs. Hawaya Takata who took Reiki to Hawaii and later to the U.S. mainland.  ( I was trained in the 3rd layer lineage beyond Mrs. Takata.)

What Is Crystal Reiki And How Is It Different?

Crystal Reiki combines beautifully with traditional Usui Reiki.

However, crystals add an advancement by taking the client’s intention and expanding it via the living energy vibrational fields of the crystals into the bio energetic field of the client where it then meets the quantum field of the Divine evolution consciousness for a broader form of activation. (Healing and transformation support).

In other words, Crystal Reiki is an amplification of Reiki on bio energetic and on quantum levels, which science is only now beginning to understand. It is a new frontier.  ___

As Eastern Medicine has always known, and as Western Medicine has recently verified in tests, each of the body’s 7 primary energy fields, the Chakra’s, vibrate a specific color, specific vibration frequency, specific sound, unique light and movement.  All are energetic frequencies.

Each crystal is like this also. However, Crystals will take on intention, they become ‘imbued’ with the intention and activate in full vibration when they are also aligned with the corresponding Chakras.

(When the body’s energy fields internal and external are clogged or out of sync the frequency, color, etc is off.  When they are cleared and in alignment the mind/body/spirit is fully opened and receptive to higher source information, intuition, solutions, and healing).

Utilizing intention with crystals during Reiki there merges the higher mind energy of the client with the Reiki energy channel of the practitioner.  There follows the expansion and transmission of the data into the bio energetic field of the client and on to the quantum field, and it returns.

This work expands activation of the intention thru energetic clarity, and magnification.  The grander quantum field is where connecting to the Divine Stream of consciousness allows manifesting of a ‘reset’ or new evolution direction for the client.

Crystal Reiki does not interfere with traditional Reiki.  It simply combines with Usui Reiki meaning it also follows the core principles of Reiki.


Who Utilizes Reiki Today?

Reiki is being utilized in many hospitals and cancer centers and wellness facilities today for pain management, anxiety, stress management and diseases.   While research on Reiki continues to be difficult due to the “inability of contemporary technology to document the existence of the biofield, much less study its makeup or measure changes in it.” Univ.

NCBI – National Institutes of Health. Gov;  article excerpt: “From the information currently available, Reiki is a safe and gentle “complementary” therapy that activates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal body and mind. It has potential for broader use in management of chronic health conditions, and possibly in postoperative recovery.”

University of Minnesota, “Overlapping data from some of the stronger studies support the ability of Reiki to reduce anxiety and pain, and suggest its usefulness to induce relaxation, improve fatigue and depressive symptoms, and strengthen overall wellbeing. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews contains a review on the use of touch therapies (including Reiki) for pain and a protocol for use of Reiki for psychological symptoms.

Reiki has been increasingly offered as part of workplace wellness programs to address burnout and improve skills in healthcare and other industries, as well as in university wellness centers.”

Linda’s Reiki & Crystal/Mineral Work History

At the instruction of my guides in dream state I began ‘scanning’ my client’s energy fields at the onset of each Clairvoyant-Medium Reading in the late 1990’s.  When I heard of Reiki in 2003 I began my Reiki Journey under the training of Nancy Murray* through the Cancer Caring Center of Pittsburgh.  This was 2 years before I completed my Therapeutic Massage License, which I chose to do to be more involved in a healing modality and to support raising my three daughters on my own.  In 2007 I received my Reiki 2 certification and in 2010, I became a Reiki Master Teacher.   From 2008 to 2013 I was the Reiki Practitioner and LMT for Aseracare Hospice – covering 7 counties in Western PA.   In 2011 I instructed Reiki 1 to medical professionals as an adult education program at Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. In 2012 I was chosen to ‘train the trainer’ in massage and Reiki for Aseracare nationwide. Since then I have continued to teach and practice Reiki with private clients.

The crystal work:    I have collected, studied and worked with minerals since childhood. I have always been aware of  a  unique element of life within them.  Partnering with them in healing modalities was a natural evolution. In 2016 I began gently adding them into my Reiki practice and expanding my research through studies and client outcomes of using them in tandem.

Additionally, the expansion of my soul work with my guides led me to dive deeper into the study of the human Quantum Energy fields.  This has connected my crystal work in a most astounding and beautiful way between Reiki energy,  the client, and the unique energy and radiation clearing properties of the living stones for more powerful, multi-leveled benefits.

This is a rapidly expanding evolution in my work and guidance.

Here is an interesting article in Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit Magazine; “For example, prime chemical elements of quartz (most popular among healing crystals) are oxygen and silicon that have 3 stable isotopes each. Admixtures of other elements (like Titanium in Rose Quartz) increase isotopic diversity even further (exponentially). Thus, crystals can be even “smarter” than us!”  Article here:

Also: Utilizing the unique energy and radiation clearing properties of Shungite and further expands the benefits.

Scheduling A Session

All of my CRYSTAL -REIKI Sessions are provided at;   Above All Salon and Spa, Rt. 19, Wexford, PA.   HOWEVER, SESSIONS MUST BE SCHEDULED THROUGH ME DIRECTLY.    Please use the Contact Form or contact me on Facebook, and I will respond quickly. 

Studying With Linda – Reiki 1,  Reiki 2, Crystal Reiki,  Reiki Masters Level

I offer Reiki for Certification on a private level and also in small groups.

In early 2020 I will be offering Reiki 1 in a small group.  Contact me if you are interested in attending this weekend session.

I offer Crystal Reiki with both  Reiki 2 and Reiki Master Teacher sessions.  Reiki Master Teacher sessions also include Intuition Expansion content.

If you are interested in any of these certifications please include what your specific interest is in the SUBJECT line of the Contact form.

Many Blessings Your WayIf you feel called to facilitate healing Reiki.  It is a wonderful path. 

Reiki Classes Contact

Re** Reiki Attunement – FYI, When I first heard there was an “attunement” in Reiki 1 training I was skeptical.  It was my assumption that we can attune ourselves, and perhaps that is still true.  But I will say that when I returned home from gaining my level 1 certification I went to turn on the lights in my kitchen, hit the switch and boom – the bulb in the ceiling fixture blew out.  Went to the living room, same thing happened; bedroom, yep same thing.   – After Reiki 2 not so much.  After my Masters cert.  the electrical in my car, the windows froze up on me and another issue happened. Fortunately it was easily resolved.  Also, the lights went out again but I was wise enough to stop after the first light and had someone else turn them on.   Since then I have heard many others tell of their light switch issues after attunement. Now I just laugh.  There is definitely a channel opening to a kinetic charge in the attunement.  Just letting you know in advance.