Changing the World Together with Healy!

Healy is a combination of wellbeing and wellness, innovation and technology.

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There is nothing like it on the planet.     

The greater mission is to elevate the frequency of humanity and the planet by bringing the client into health and balance through the frequency alignments their body requires. On a science level HEALY is a micro-current medical device cleared by the FDA for treatment of pain, fibromyalgia, and relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain.

From my experience with energy fields, from my first encounter at the age of 6 where I saw an entire symphony of energy fields in nature, all moving at different speeds over top of the plants and shrubs and trees, and feeling loved and supported by it all… I KNEW then, this is what it’s really like only we don’t see it all of the time and no one talks about it.   Follow that at 7 with a near death experience and the beginning of communications with my guides and angels and a life of working with others in fields of energy that are unseen, my meeting with Healy merges with my life’s work and takes it to a whole new level for being able to affect positive outcomes for more lives.  This is why I am so over the moon excited about working with HEALY.

Remote Sessions

There is a developed system of Remote Treatment using the Healy practitioner Resonance Program.

These sessions alone run 30 minutes in length.  With the practitioner using the Resonance Program you are assessed, then frequencies your body needs to reset and rebalance are applied energetically via the Information Field. 

(IN PERSON and for SELF-TREATMENT the Resonance Program assesses you and you are treated with frequencies sent via electrodes connected to the wrists. )

Used in conjunction with Intention the session can amplify pain healing or renewal of the body and it’s systems.

The science is based on establishing the exact frequencies needed to ‘reset’ the cells within the needed zones bringing them back into their original state of balance. This restores states of being. (Cells must vibrate at a certain frequency for optimum health. Various cell zones of the body operate at different frequencies.  Restore that optimum number resets us to our preferred level of wellbeing.)

Frequencies for the body are not totally new information but the deeper and more encompassing TimeWaver frequencies and the complex technology to activate this information is new through this development of The Healy.

This is Quantum Mechanics on a medical level and it is the future of all medicine.      CONTACT FOR A SESSION

What it can do for you

Healy, is a Micro-frequency micro-current medical and energy device that has been cleared by the FDA for treatment of pain, fibromyalgia, and relief of acute and chronic pain.

However, it also supports re-setting/re-balancing of all of the body’s physical, and energy fields, electromagnetic energy fields, meridians, chakras, emotions and more.

While one cannot claim ‘healing’ of these additional fields due to FDA restrictions, you can search YouTube for personal and medical testimonials. They are astounding and they are many.

Unlike anything else on the market, Healy offers the client a broad spectrum of frequency solutions for each issue. Other medical frequency therapy tools only match up – one on one, and the treatment delivery is extremely advanced.

Healy now has 144,000 frequencies with 600 programs and growing.

Oh, not only is it medically accepted for pain management and relief by the FDA, which is an astounding feat, but Amazon tried to purchase this company early in HEALY’s first year on the market.

The owners have said, No and we will NEVER sell.

Their greater mission is to elevate the frequency of humanity and the planet by re- balancing a minmum of 100 million households to normal cellular states, one family at a time.  


Healy was developed as a hand-held unit for individuals based on the TimeWaver frequency equipment used in doctors offices so that the patient could continue to self-treat at home. 

The creator Marcus Schmieke, a Quantum Physics scientist whose passion for all things Quantum drove him to want to understand how the quantum field (i.e. Information field) interacted with consciousness. He eventually went to India and became a monk for 12 years, focusing on both subjects during his time there. Marcus tapped into the cellular frequencies and their optimum levels for balance.  Understanding that balance  and wellness of body, mind & spirit is what opens one to higher consciousness Marcus developed TimeWaver, for physicians offices. It has been used to successfully treat more than 50,000 patients before the Healy was developed by Marcus in tandem with medical scientist Nuno Nina, who developed specific electro-magnetic frequencies of specific cell bodies.

Marcus is also the founder of  Existential Consciousness Research Institute (ECR) in Berlin, an institute for applied consciousness research.  At the ECR Marcus and several international physicists research the interaction between matter and consciousness at a high scientific levels.

Healy puts the freedom of wellness in each persons hands.

The future of medicine is here.  ~

Want to buy your own Healy or work with Healy and me?

Go to my Healy web page or contact me directly.  https://partner.healyworld.net/lindavaros   

linda at lindavaros dot com to email me.

There is so much more GREAT information to share with you. You will be an enthusiastic advocate too.

~Work with me and Healy~


This video is part of the history, successes and purpose of TimeWaver, the system behind HEALY. **A very informational video particularly with medical testimonials**






USA Disclaimer:

Healy is a microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain
and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind
and body and relieve stress. Always use your Healy in accordance with its Instructions for Use.