The experiences of nature, spirit and creativity regardless of training offer gifts to help us move forward,

and eventually in the stillness of self expression or nature we begin to learn the language of our soul.”  Linda Varos

“Let’s  just say the passion of everything we do is about ‘energy’, both seen and unseen.  Every little drop of it is connected to the Divine.”

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Stuff happened at age 6,  I saw moving energy fields in nature and experienced something akin to mystical or spiritual event.  It changed my world view instantly.   At age 7  a near death experience and being saved by a felt but unseen being took my awareness to a whole new level.

I have been a seeker, an explorer, an amazed human with a passion for nature and creativity while exploring anything relating to energy fields and the unseen life that exists all around and within us.

What I have learned, been shown, told, experienced is this;  open yourself to joy.  Redirect your path to joy, gratitude, love and peace, every day.  Stay focused on your vision, your desire, your passions.  Don’t let anything or anyone (even your thoughts), take that away.  Everything and anything is possible.  You don’t need to think ‘outside of the box’.  Truth is – THERE IS NO BOX!

I love to share joy and explorations, it’s one of my passions. You can walk with me on this journey.  That North Star is always calling.


Raised in a country setting surrounded by Pennsylvania woodlands in a family of professional designers and artists my passion for nature and exploration was fueled. At age 6 a seemingly ‘mystical’ experience in a wooded clearing where layers of nature began moving at various speeds and an amazing shower of love and light was poured into me as if I were a vessel.   That was followed at age 7 by a near death experience. Dream time visions and messages soon became common to me.  I began to view and understand the myriad of unseen energy fields that make up ‘life’, which are never spoken of or taught.  All the while I was searching for a way to express my guided messages to others without sounding like a crazy person or someone with imaginary friends.  I quickly learned to be cautious of what I shared and with whom.

Daily walks in nature seemed to expand my awareness of this hidden information.  As a child I was determined to keep experiencing what felt like pure support and love, even though such things were never mentioned in school, and my wonderful parents just smiled when I would tell them things. I’m sure they had no idea what to do with me except to give me hugs.  Meanwhile, I continued to explore the natural world around me, collecting rocks, talking to butterflys and watching the movement of the night sky.  The messages and opportunity for spiritual growth continued to deepen and broaden as I matured.  The experiences would fill a book, which I hope to get to one of these days.

My strong connection to nature, which I call the “Divine Connector”, is where I go to find myself.  An urge to translate both the mystery of nature’s worlds  and the awakening of the soul into personal visionary images became a passion that continues to burn in me.   This later led me to Ecology-Art Therapy training.  After my visits with nature I often write, question and sketch onsite.  Usually I come back to the studio and begin creating while my interactions with nature are still fresh.

Seeking Spirit may not be on everyone’s agenda, but nature will lead you there in any case.  Nature does not judge, separate or divide.  It breaks us open to a place humanity is quickly forgetting.  It’s a place of flow where the sound of peace and rhythm of life is something our body naturally resonates with.  It’s a space where answers to our problems reside and can rise up within us.  This is when the magic of our own life begins to speak.  Learning to hear is a process, but a joyful one.  This is where expanded intuition is most necessary.  Returning from nature and stepping into creativity, allowing the flow to happen without self-judgement has powerful effects. It’s all about the process and where it leads us.

This is where “Creative Wisdom Guidance” began.   Over time the experiences can be deep, transformative, and life changing.   My training in Ecology-Art Therapy provided me the ideal tool to bridge this knowledge and experience with Spirit, energy work, nature and creativity.  In many ways this joyful work is like coming home.

I’m here to share with you the tools I’ve been given to reconnect with the magic of life that is hidden in plain view, and to say it’s a joyful journey and worth every step.

Wishing you a wonderous adventure to your True North.

Love & Peace,

Linda                       ______________________________________________________________________________

As a respected Clairvoyant-Medium, Linda Varos has professionally guided and consulted for numerous individuals including, CEO’s, rock stars, and global peacemakers for over 45 years.

She guides participants through courses, workshops, readings, and personal one-on-one sessions as a ‘Practical Rainbows Guide’ ™.    Linda is also an accomplished professional artist, certified in Ecology Art Therapy,an avid amateur Naturalist, a lover of birds, herbology, aromatherapy,  the mineral kingdom, and the studies of energy fields both ancient and new.  She is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Masseuse and a believer in magic!

Linda’s passion for the natural world, divine guidance, and focus on the unseen energy fields of existence guided her to become an Ecology-Art Therapy guide, and a Reiki Master Teacher.  Her 6+ years working with the terminally ill and their caregivers brought another element and understanding of the human journey.  Her energy work continues to be a part of her client work,  and she incorporates ‘Energy Scans‘ when possible into her One-on-One and Distance Readings.

As an Artist, Linda had the great pleasure of working with, being mentored by, and developing wonderful friendships with several great artists including; Walter Lewy, then the last living giant of modern art from the Weimar Republic; Garner Tullis of the International Institute of Experimental Printmaking, and Louise Holeman Pierucci , Fiber Artist.

In 2015 she began volunteering as a summer camp Arts & Crafts instructor with kids from K – 8th grade.  She found nothing as humbling as working creatively with children.  It was another place to learn the value of simple, unbounded self-expression.  In other words, forget all the rules and JUST PLAY!

She has been a guest on PBS-WQED’s LifeQuest with Eleanor Schano, as an authority in the ‘Law of Attraction’.

Linda’s Fairy Art is included in ; “Watercolor Fairies”, by David Riche’, Watson-Guptil Publishers; and “500 Fairy Motifs”, by Myrea Pettit, Collins-Brown Publishers

In addition to her fairy art she designed for the art glass industry for 27 years.  She has been an Art Curator, an Exhibition Director, Exhibit Juror, (including the 2005 Harry Potter Symposium, ‘The Witching Hour’, for HP Education Fanon, Inc.), and Senior Vice President of an international fine arts publishing company with headquarters in Brazil and Washington. D.C.

  • Look for the this upcoming publication (due Spring 2018) “Learning The Language of  Your Soul; A workbook for the journey to your magical life”.