The BLOG area is evolving slowly into a VLOG, with some video and maybe Podcasting.  It may merge with the Journeys area.   The key is to provide you and I with INSPIRATION;  chatting with inspiring people, journeying on uplifting nature walks, doing guided meditations together, and arts & crafts too… there are so many choices.

I hope you enjoy this interview.  There will be more in days to come.   Adventures ahead!

Our first Journey of inspiration begins here:

Years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to study under a magnificent human being.

I say magnificent because, when someone lives their life with their whole heart and soul, openly sharing that with others and being in their presence is simply transforming, they have clearly tapped into a larger source of magnificence .

PAUL HEUSSENSTAMM, The Mandala Man, has been traveling the world and teaching the art of Mandala painting, or rather ‘Heart Chakra opening, for many years. His own entrance to this path was a deep and painful process of enlightenment. Paul began his creative sharing well before the recent surge in Mandala interest in the West, and well before the current painting trends of self-exploration. In fact, I would have to say his early work was a seed for ushering in what has evolved into Mandala coloring books, and the opening of oneself through the creative process.

Along with his global workshops, Paul continues to travel with The Deepak Chopra Institute’s ‘”Journey Into Healing” series as well. His work is in the collections of numerous spiritual leaders and notable art collectors and in various films.

Read our story, The Mandala Man; continued:  (A a special Thank You to our Editor at Large on this article, Erin O’Donnell.)