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Linda’s Offerings 

My reading style tends to help you develop your own language with the Divine (however that looks to you), and implement a more joyfully abundant life process while providing you with information relevant to what you are seeking. I work with your guides, angels and loved ones who have crossed ~

I have been reading professionally for more than 40 years. This was not initially a life choice but a gift from childhood.  My passion is to help you and others move beyond stuckness, past the continual loops of repetition we all deal with by sharing the tools and guidance I have been blessed with to help you develop your own language with the Divine and a joyfully abundant life.  During a reading I work directly through intention and guidance with Holy Spirit.  In this way the information and guidance bypasses me and comes from a place of divine “Source”where your highest good is the focused outcome.

Reading options include;

Distance Readings, In Person Readings, Group Readings and Event Readings

One-Hour Readings / Distance and In-Person Readings

Both readings Involve;  Opening  myself to Holy Spirit on your behalf for information you desire and also what is helpful for your highest good.

1. An Energy Scan – You give me permission to enter your energy field, and as I scan your Auric field I will advise what is showing up. This may or may not include; the spiritual or physical condition of various Chakras or the energy field as a whole, medical information, past-life information, or information that your angels/guides, Holy Spirit, wishes you to know. (May involve recommendations)

2. We may receive communication with loved ones who have crossed,your guides or angels.

3. Specific questions via the Tarot / Overview- review


Once you fill out the request form here I will email you with available dates and times to choose from. When date and time are chosen you will then email me up to 5 questions. I will do the reading and scan your energy field prior to our call. I will call you at the appointed time, let you know what has come through for you and we will then discuss the reading in more detail and clarify outstanding questions.

Our phone time will last up to one hour. This is in addition to the 45 minutes in meditation and opening to your questions prior to the call. This means you receive one hour and 45 minutes of reading time on Distance Readings. All distance readings are prepaid via a Paypal bill. You do not need to have a Paypal account. A bank card or credit card can be used via the Paypal link you will receive.

NOTE: Fees are not refundable, but may be applied to a future reading or used as a gift card reading for a friend.

Order a One Hour Distance Reading 

Order a Half Hour Distance Reading

  • WHEN FILLING OUT THE CONTACT FORM PLEASE INDICATE WHICH SERVICE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN, i.e. one-hour or half-hour readings; in-person or distance readings, etc.  


IF YOU ARE LOCAL – Schedule at my reading studio at Riverviewantiquemarketplace –Harmar/Cheswick, Pa. / Prior appointment is required.   Contact me

I also read at Journeys Of Life, in Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA.  Please check their online schedule to see when I am there and  do call ahead to schedule your reading time.  – 412.681.8755     Check their online calendar for my available dates there. 

**NEW**  ~  TRIAD – Bundled packages of 3 readings.  – Schedule one reading per month for 3 months. This benefits those who are in the middle of a situation or decisions where guidance and a source of higher support and clarity  are most beneficial.   TRIAD saves $10 per reading or a $30 discount overall.  (This package also makes a wonderful gift. Please request Gift Certif.)

$ 240.00


I do offer Group/Event Readings and Presentations within certain specifications.  Please Contact me for more information and availability.

Learning The Language Of Your Soul  –   

THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS – 6 wk Mentoring Journey

Paced for flow and ease, this program will help you discover and explore avenues for solutions and expansion, and refine the awareness of your progress. Aha moments happen when you stay focused on the goals we establish together. Re-evaluating strategy is part of the flow as you progress.
Outcomes such as Intuition Expansion, connecting with loved ones, and resolving dreams are designed to lead you up the staircase to higher evolution of your personal and spiritual desires. These outcomes are designed to affect your outer and inner life in surprising ways; removing old patterns that no longer serve you while giving you new resources, and offering a new world view of your life’s path and meaning. This journey is full of joy and soul sparks.
The Fluid Process ~
*Webinar – One hour Evaluation Reading and in-depth Energy Scan, with a Goals and Strategy session
*Follow up with a written Personal Strategy Plan
*Five(5) PDF or Word Doc Strategy Prompts to help you open to the Divine Stream and your own Higher Self
*Half hour phone meetings at weeks 3 and week 5 to evaluate progress and strategy.
* Weekly Email access plus Friday Q & A that applies to the program
*Webinar – Wrap up meeting for assessment at week 6 and goal setting for ongoing transformation, Plus ½ hour Reading as it applies to your progress.
1 Reading and Assessment
Strategy Session
5 pdf Strategy Prompts
2 webinars – (beginning and final assessments)
2 phone meetings
Friday Email access
Wrap-up assessment and goals for continuing transformation plus ½ hr. Reading
$700 Two payment option available – Buy Now


*One One Hour Reading-Consult  at onset of month with Strategy Evaluation at beginning of program
*One Half Hour Reading with Energy Scan in week 3 of the month
*One Hourly Review via Webinar /in person at my studio/ or via phone – your choice, week four
* Email questions relating to the strategy and program – Monday through Friday
$220 per month / 2 payment option – $110 – 1st and 3rd weeks.   Buy Now

Crystal-Reiki Sessions – Contact me directly for more detailed information;  email

Reiki Master Teacher Training, Certification – Contact me

Courses, workshops, creativity as the muse, and nature immersion for reawakening to your soul.   – Adventures


As a Clairvoyant-Medium I have received information since a near-death experience in early childhood.  My strong Catholic background was the foundation for faith formation, which led to the study of all primary world religions beginning at the age of 14.  I respect and honor all faith traditions, which are based on Divine Love. The soul’s journey is the primary force behind my readings, as opposed to selecting winning lottery numbers.

The energy fields of both man and nature and their connection to the Divine energy field and the greater source of knowledge has been the driving force of my existence.

While my Clairvoyance & Mediumship, (ability to open to The Source and receive information, as well as from Guides, Angels and Loved Ones who have crossed over),  I also utilize the Tarot for 1/3 of my one-hour readings.

In my early 20’s I became more educated in world history and learned the roots of a huge shift in teachings from love and compassion to fear and control.  With that knowledge I learned the true history of the Tarot.  Much of it was based on pure spiritual knowledge that existed centuries ago and whose wisdom was held in the great library at Alexandria, which was burned in political upheavals. The 22 Major Arcana cards are each hold symbolism showing the steps of humanity, exploring our individual journeys from birth to death and back to the creator. These Major Arcana are what remains of the great wisdom and knowledge of the ages; images translated into symbolic stones so they could not be burned, and their wisdom would survive to aid future generations.  This does not mean that every person who owns a Tarot deck is a pure soul or has good intentions.  One must decipher the energetic persona of the reader to help determine if that person is a good option.

My Tarot teacher was the esteemed Tarot Master, John Yellend who was a weekly Sunday evening guest on KDKA radio in the 70’s.   Master Yelland had been reading for 50 years when I met him, and he was legally blind at the time. Our meeting was kismet and a fascinating story, as far as I am concerned.  That old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” was very fitting.


“Linda is an amazing talent.  No psychic fishing with her, she just knows what she knows and just how to share it.”   Rick DiClemente, Astrologer and Author of ‘The Exquisite Zodiac’.

“You are the real deal!”, Patricia Sheridan, Entertainment Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“I have had the great pleasure of knowing Linda for over 15 years.  She is an amazing intuitive reader, with insights that are so spot on!  I so appreciate having her guidance when I am stuck, or unable to make a decision, or simply needing reassurance.  And while I am a Pittsburgh native, I now live in DC where I have had the pleasure of referring dozens of people to Linda.  Each time, people are amazed by her insights, clarity and help in their life’s decisions.

“I am an absolute believer that there are “No Accidents” in life.  The power of synchronicity is AMAZING, and so is Linda.  I met Linda in February at a time in my life when I finally have done a lot of my own healing and spiritual work but needed confirmation.  I have encountered many talented mediums in my life but no one has truly impacted me like Linda.  I am hooked and here to stay.  She is truly a light holder in my life and someone that I have prayed for not only for guidance and insight, but also as a spiritual teacher.  My first session with Linda left me awe-struck.  I could not believe the accuracy not only with her readings, but also her energy work.  Linda was able to pick up on my narcolepsy and ongoing hormonal imbalance.  In fact, with her intuitive guidance, I am now in the process of healing any imbalances and my narcolepsy is also more stable.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have towards Linda and the impact she has made in my life the past 9 months.  I do believe I am truly a better person and growing more each day with self-love, acceptance, and trusting my own intuitive insights due to the universe bringing Linda into my life as a “Fellow Traveler.”   – Terrie