Nature Spirit Readings

If you’ve been around long enough to recall my Nature Spirit Readings you may be one of those who requested I bring them back to life. I thank you for that and I listened.  If you haven’t experienced them before, I welcome you to jump in the circle and enjoy this re-newed monthly freebie and connect with nature in a new way.



VIP:   Please take a moment to look at each photo. Then look at them again and ask your body if you feel emotion with any of them. When you choose your photo move below to the Nature Spirit Reading that goes with it.

(Revived) – For JUNE 2018


If you chose CLUSTER

Here is what Nature has to share with you for the month of June;

There will be many options for you this month, options and ideas. They will be swirling around in your head and in your life. This isn’t uncommon for you, but these options are ready to bloom.

In order for them to take on the life you really want them to you must select, plant and til the soil in June. As you work with your hands and heart, nurturing one option at a time it will grow stronger, and brighter over the summer months. As each one begins to bloom you can move on to the next, until they become a symphony… all working together to support the blossoming of your vision. If you wait, and fail to nurture them now they just may scatter in the wind. Grab onto those seeds and plant them in June along with the compost of passion.

If you chose SPRING

Here is what Nature has to share with you for the month of June;

You are a person who loves to be ‘in the flow’ of things. You dislike feeling stimied or blocked in any way and yet here you are, after a rather rugged winter, feeling like weeds have taken over your stream.

Truth is, they haven’t really. But they are sprouting at a fork in the stream because you’ve become accustomed to standing and thinking too long. Now, this month, life’s waters are beginning to flow from behind you forcing you forward when you still don’t feel clear on the path. Oh it’s there and your heart knows it. This month you will begin to see the light is shining on that path as the water leads the way. Allow your flow. It’s when you try to push back from it that things get stuck.

Set your sights and trust because the water and the flow are your friends. They never stop and think before they follow the right path. They trust that where they are being guided will be where they are meant to go. If it brings you a sense of peace or joy, trust that it’s right.  It’s time to go with the flow.

If you chose MIDDLE

Here is what Nature has to share with you for the month of June;

For you there seems to be a new meaning to the word ‘raw’. Life has stripped you of your bark, but not your bite. The etchings on your soul have been exposed and it’s time to look outside of yourself for the good that surrounds you. While we cannot undo the damages done to us once they have happened, we can love ourselves more and appreciate the opportunity to sprout new growth as the new season comes into full bloom. You are surrounded by joy and love. It may not be right next to you but it surrounds you in a much bigger way. It’s asking a lot of you to stop looking back, and to quiet the urge to bite at yourself and others. I feel your pain and so does nature. It wants to help you heal. It wants to share it’s wisdom of renewal and hold you in it’s life giving energy. It’s asking you to come and sit in it’s presence; to hand over your pain, your grief, your worry and to let it show you how to begin a new life from this season on. Get thee to the woods, dear soul. Find the spot that calls to you and speak with it. Answers will come and June is the month to hear them.