Linda’s Offerings ~ 

“My mission is to provide an open channel for communication and guidance  for your joyful evolution through clarity and vision.”

~ Clairvoyant-Medium Readings ~

I have been reading professionally for more than 45 years. This was not initially a life choice but a gift from two spiritual events in childhood (one a near-death experience, the other a witnessing of energy fields in nature), and two other events in adulthood. One of these was partially witnessed by a priest.

My passion is to help you and others move beyond feeling stuck or powerless, and past the continual loops of repetition to a space of clarity and knowing. This can free you up to understand the why’s of things, gain a new and passionate perspective while clearing away the old, often while connecting with loved one’s, guides and angels who have crossed and show up to support you.

During a reading I work directly through intention and guidance with Holy Spirit.  In this way the information and  bypasses me and comes from a place of divine “Source”where information for your highest good is the focused outcome.

(Remote) One Hour Readings – via Zoom or Phone 

(No in person readings due to Covid until further notice)

Readings Involve;  Opening  myself to Holy Spirit  and OUR guides on your behalf for the information you desire and also what is helpful for your highest good.

1. An Energy Scan – You give me permission to enter your energy field, and as I scan your Auric field I will advise what is showing up. This may or may not include; the spiritual or physical condition of various Chakras or the energy field as a whole, medical information, past-life information, or information that your angels/guides, Holy Spirit wish you to know. (May involve recommendations)

2. We may receive direct communication with loved ones who have crossed, your guides or angels.

3. Specific questions via the Energy Scan  plus  Oracles / Overview- review

All Zoom or Phone Readings must be prepaid via a Paypal invoice. You do not need to have a Paypal account. A bank card or credit card can be used via the Paypal invoice you will receive.

NOTE: Fees are not refundable, but may be applied to a future reading or used as a gift card reading for a friend.


QUESTIONS?   Contact me

  ~ One-on-One Retainer – Moving Through ‘The Fields’ ~

We  work together weekly over a three month period.  The mission is to support and guide you through the evolution of your joyful life expansion goals.    By moving through baggage, blocks, fears, repetitions and misdirected life focus we work on clearing and reconnecting your humanity with your higher mind and it’s vision for your beautiful destiny, while leaving the sludge behind.  Each person will resonate with particular tools and a certain path forward.  Together we will work to uncover that mystery and find the magic that is waiting for you.

For the details please contact me, with RETAINER in the subject line;  Contact

~Energy Medicine ~                     

 ‘Guided’ Reiki Master Level Sessions with Crystals and Frequency Treatments with Healy


~GUIDANCE THROUGH THE FIELDS ~ Beginning again Winter 2020-2021~

My guides informed me of 3 Fields of Energy we are able to access from this life.

We are in the Human – Emotion Field #1,  the next field is

#2 The Field of Evolution where the Higher Mind is in action with evolving flow processes -This is measurable energy faster than the speed of light. This is the Quantum Field, and

#3 The Field of the Divine Stream of Wisdom Content where we connect to the Creator and Creation Processes.   This is the field where our higher mind mingles with solutions, A-ha moments, higher Meditative and Intuitive states where our higher mind thoughts mingle with the Divine and wisdom experiences occur. This is a field that Einstein knew existed but admitted that science had no way to measure it yet.  This field transmits beyond the speed of light.  Entering this is the field where ‘magic happens’.

Not only do we all have the potential for ‘working and blissing’ in this field but that is also the “Awakening” we are here to discover.  It’s the door opener we were born to access.

Our time together  will be tailored to your goals for stepping out of the weights you carry and onto your unique pathway of discovery!

We begin with your initial Reading, followed by an assessment  and our discussion.  From this we create your flexible goals. We then move forward with weekly content developed specifically to educate, support, guide and encourage the manifesting of your visions and desired outcomes over a period of  6 months.   For more details contact me with MOVING THROUGH THE FIELDS in the subject line: Contact

Enjoy a visit with Astrology Unplugged ~ with Linda as guest.




~ “Linda is an amazing talent.  No psychic fishing with her, she just knows what she knows and just how to share it.”  

     Rick DiClemente, Astrologer and Author of ‘The Exquisite Zodiac’.


~ “You are the real deal!”, Patricia Sheridan, Entertainment Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  ~ “I have had the great pleasure of knowing Linda for over 15 years.  She is an amazing intuitive reader, with insights that        are so spot on!  I so appreciate having her guidance when I am stuck, or unable to make a decision, or simply needing              reassurance.  And while I am a Pittsburgh native, I now live in DC where I have had the pleasure of referring dozens of          people to Linda.  Each time, people are amazed by her insights, clarity and help in their life’s decisions.”

   Mara Benner, Four Directions


“My reading with Linda today went beyond my expectations. I had a previous reading with her and Energy Scan and insights were on point.  Her readings are informative and very detailed and has helped me bring clarity to my questions.  She also helps you with tools to navigate through your journey and how to work with the energy surrounding you.  I look forward to continuing to work with her on my journey through my spiritual and physical experiences in life.”   Anonymous ~ New York

~ “I am an absolute believer that there are “No Accidents” in life.  The power of synchronicity is AMAZING, and so is Linda.  I met Linda in February at a time in my life when I finally have done a lot of my own healing and spiritual work but needed confirmation.  I have encountered many talented mediums in my life but no one has truly impacted me like Linda.  I am hooked and here to stay.  She is truly a light holder in my life and someone that I have prayed for not only for guidance and insight, but also as a spiritual teacher.  My first session with Linda left me awe-struck.  I could not believe the accuracy not only with her readings, but also her energy work.  Linda was able to pick up on my narcolepsy and ongoing hormonal imbalance.  In fact, with her intuitive guidance, I am now in the process of healing any imbalances and my narcolepsy is also more stable.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have towards Linda and the impact she has made in my life the past 9 months.  I do believe I am truly a better person and growing more each day with self-love, acceptance, and trusting my own intuitive insights due to the universe bringing Linda into my life as a “Fellow Traveler.”   – Terrie  –  LCSW


I haven’t had time to catch you up, but my participation in this course has literally changed the course of my life.  It has all happened so fast that I’ve been unable to keep you up to date. …for a while there decisions and opportunities were coming so quickly that I couldn’t keep up. The guidance and the videos that you put out have literally changed my life, but I’ve been too busy living it to tell you! I love the way you describe intuition as once awakened it continues to unfold, which is what has happened to me.

With deep peace and immense gratitude,  T. C. , B.C. Canada

Thank you for encouraging and showing me ways to connect with my soul! – D.J., Cleveland, Ohio