Practical Rainbows


You are a beautiful, perfect, potentially full spectrum, rainbow soul.

A new series launching soon for remembering your rainbow.

Transform and redirect repetitive loop patterns to a sacred pathway

of self-love, balance, hope, and direct communications with the Divine

With Clairvoyant-Medium, Energy Healing & Soul Growth Facilitator (aka Your Rainbow Coach),  Naturalist,  & Artist /Author

Linda Varos

Know that Divine Magic is available to you, every day.


  • Discover how to begin knowing yourself as a soul and utilize that knowledge in the moment
  • Learn the why and how to heal the perspectives of your history and self-talk to overcome ‘repetitive loop’ cycles.
  • Establish a clearing and alignment protocol that you can use any time you feel out of sync, while laying the groundwork for deeper diving in the remainder of the series.

Future modules will focus on activating your soul rainbow and provide multiple ways to rediscover your unique connection to the Divine Stream of communication, “The Bow” where all support and answers reside.

Feeling exhausted and a bit overwhelmed with valiantly making new efforts to improve your life only to have that brain chatter return and find yourself back in the same loop again? You are not alone.

It’s a trap we all fall into, over and over and over.  For many people it is a loop that will never end in this lifetime!     

I asked for help with the same issue.  Then, I was Divinely guided to understand ways to step outside of these cycles.  I say ‘these’ because these loops are built-ins that show up every chance we give them.   Learning the Why and How to overcome them has been part of the most transformative knowledge I’ve ever received.         

I would love to guide you to the pathway that works for your joyful evolution.    INTERESTED? Contact me for notifications. 

The most powerful step is this You must begin to know yourself as a soul!   This one step opens the door to beginning the incredible journey your soul is here to experience.   In this introductory 5 day session I will help you take that first step, and more…

It’s likely you are here reading this because you are smart, creative, and filled with a desire for knowing with clarity, which path will lead you to your higher self and the life that suits your dreams.

We each have a unique pathway to our joyful evolution. With guidance you will explore a variety of interesting and expanding strategies to discover the one(s) pathway, which connects you directly to the higher source of solutions, and a place of peace. You owe it to yourself to end the continual loop and discover your unique strategy.

Rediscover the ability to ‘energetically’ believe in your dreams – a key element in allowing them to happen.  

Let me share my knowledge and help you realign in body/mind/spirit to begin your journey today.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Beginning December 2019

Blessings, Love & Magic,   Linda           

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We will work together weekly over a three month period at a set monthly rate.  The mission is to continue to support and guide you through achieving your personal growth goals.  For the details please contact me, with RETAINER in the subject line;  Contact


Our time together is tailored to your goals.  We begin with your initial Reading, followed by an assessment  and our discussion as we tailor your goals. We then move forward with weekly content developed specifically to educate, support, guide and encourage the manifesting of your visions and desired outcomes over a period of 3 or 6 month increments.   For more details contact me with RAINBOW GUIDE COACH in the subject line: Contact



I haven’t had time to catch you up, but my participation in this course has literally changed the course of my life.  It has all happened so fast that I’ve been unable to keep you up to date. …for a while there decisions and opportunities were coming so quickly that I couldn’t keep up. The guidance and the videos that you put out have literally changed my life, but I’ve been too busy living it to tell you! I love the way you describe intuition as once awakened it continues to unfold, which is what has happened to me. 

With deep peace and immense gratitude,  T. C. , B.C. Canada

Thank you for encouraging and showing me ways to connect with my soul. – D.J., Cleveland, Ohio