Your Magic

Your Magic Appears ~ The moment comes unexpectedly…

It’s more than an A-ha, it’s more than synchronicity.  The moment combines these experiences with an ecstatic clarity that transcends, includes and transforms what you once knew into a vision so surprising and clear it can only be described as magical.   Although the moment may not last long it’s effects are long lasting. It bestows a refreshing sense of freedom and release.  While it may not put all of those heavy things behind you immediately what it will do is open the door to allowing.  This experience lifts you up to a new energetic level of  being – in body, mind and spirit.  Suddenly, you have experienced an elevation of being. You now know there is more.  This is where the path to your Magical Adventure begins.

Here are some places to start;

Begin your journey by turning your attention from the hustle and bustle of life back to what I call ‘The Divine Connector’.  That is Nature.  But this time  immersing yourself means totally tuning into your surroundings.

  1. Ramp up your hearing. Amplify your awareness of the sounds of nature. It takes a bit of practice to stay with it but the results can bring you back to center quicker than any other tool.
  2. Feel where your energy field is touching the external energy field of nature.  Sit, stand and move around in that awareness.
  3. Find an area you are attracted to and ask permission to connect with it. Wait for an answer and give thanks if you receive a Yes.  Make the connection and have a chat.  Wait for responses.


Actively expanding your intuition means getting out of your own way to explore, allow, and trust.   This process is key to stepping into the flow of receiving information from the higher SOURCE, and your angels.

  1. Use a favorite deck of Oracle Cards and choose just one card each morning asking what the guidance is for your day.  Journal the response and track anything that happens during the day that seems to relate to the message.  Re-read your journal notes each week to see where you are being guided.
  2. Giving permission to loved ones who have crossed to be actively involved in working on your behalf is a powerful step.  This will help your loved ones to be more involved in directing and guiding you for your highest good.
  3. Keep a journal of the synchronicity.  Give thanks to your loved ones for their support.


Art, Music, Crafts, Dance, all and any of these creative pursuits can be a path of Spiritual practice. Deeper spiritual practices of tribal communities have always included aspects of painting on the body or creating ceremonial objects as part of the ceremony of spirit. Releasing the creative spirit within is an important part of stepping into flow.

  1. Take on a new creative path or use new media to explore your inner artist.
  2. Approach the creative process with no preconceived idea in mind, just the use of materials, color, texture, sound, movement.  Be purely involved in the process of creation.  This eventually opens a door as you begin to flow with the media and release all judgment as you release concepts for outcomes. Let the flow take you away.
  3. Try to determine how you can bring this free moving process into your daily life.


Yes, this calls for a gentle sort of courage that requires playing with new elements of yourself driven by desire to discover the more…   Awesome you say.  But how do I begin?

First, know you have already begun.  See wasn’t that easy?  You are here reading this because your soul has called you in and you responded!

Second, take a moment to meet your true self.  Hello!  Yes, you are a perfect soul that is a fully expanded vessel of pure love energy, not some depleted little light that hangs out somewhere in your body, riddled with imperfection and never able to be good enough. YOU ARE A PERFECT SOUL that is still connected to The SOURCE of Creation.  You, We, never fully disconnected from The SOURCE and that remembering is where rediscovering your divine, beautiful power resides. YOU ARE A CO-CREATOR.  Oh yes you are!  And the human part of you is wonderful too but it’s here to be flawed and make mistakes. That is how we learn in this life, through experience.  Therefore, it’s okay to be imperfect in this life – in fact it is required.  Being ethical with yourself is what will move you forward.  Own your stuff.  You are a flawed human who is making an effort.  Sincere effort = self-ethical.

Third, there are many pathways you can take and any of them would be the right choice.  Your way will evolve as you move ahead, joyfully.

As you continue to walk burdens will fall away, clarity will come, magic will happen, life will look different and you will begin to know and love your true self and directly connect with the Divine Stream of knowledge as your joyful path opens in front of you. It is a process of unfolding, a true Creative Soul Adventure.

Creation gave me these pathways to walk with over time.  My life has shifted fueled by my desire to be open, to trust, and always  seek the more.

I recommend you use one of these areas for a period of 3 months  before adding another pathway because they come with layers just as we do.  You must allow processes to flow, gently, smoothly and with ease.  You must relax into going deep instead of rushing things along as we do in this life of instant gratification. In these deeper layers the mists will begin to part and your Magic will appear.

Welcome to the most joyful adventure of your lifetime.~ HAPPY TRAVELS TO YOU ~

If you desire assistance through this process – I offer one-on-one coaching through ” Learning The Language Of Your Soul ” and Personal Coaching Sessions.  Contact me, let’s talk.

There are many more pathways to step onto…  As your Creative Soul Adventures Guide and Mentor I walk with you making suggestions, offering new experiences,  providing support and feedback as you explore these fascinating landscapes. Every soul’s journey is unique, colorful and yes, Magic.    Let’s discuss your coaching options; Let’s Work Together.

I look forward to guiding your adventure.




I haven’t had time to catch you up, but my participation in this course has literally changed the course of my life.  It has all happened so fast that I’ve been unable to keep you up to date. …for a while there decisions and opportunities were coming so quickly that I couldn’t keep up. The guidance and the videos that you put out have literally changed my life, but I’ve been too busy living it to tell you! I love the way you describe intuition as once awakened it continues to unfold, which is what has happened to me. 

With deep peace and immense gratitude,  T. C. , B.C. Canada

Thank you for encouraging and showing me ways to connect with my soul. – D.J., Cleveland, Ohio